Summer Camp Planning Guide

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As the world starts opening up again, it is time to start thinking about summer camp planning. I have already started my summer camp planning and research. 

Last year, we skipped camp all together and spent a ton of time in the pool. That was possible when we were all working from home. As offices open back up, we need to start planning for how our kids will spend the summer. 

I usually spend a ton of time coordinating with my friends and my daughter’s friends. There were times when we were doing text chains between moms of friends about which summer camp we were all gonna do.

It was a very detailed plan to make sure that the kids stayed together with friends. As my daughter gets older, I would like her to start learning to make friends in new situations. Sometimes it is nice not to always have a friend waiting for you at each camp.

I am not 100%  sure what this year‘s gonna look like for summer camp but I’m excited by the possibilities. I’m doing a test at summer camp with my daughter right now to see if she likes an activity. She’s trying out sewing classes and if it works well I would love it to be one of her summer camps.

The cool thing about summer camps is that you get to try out activities without committing for a semester’s worth of activities. Then if you like it, you can do it all year or just save it for the summers.

Over the years my daughter has done everything from baking to cheerleading to swimming.

This summer I’d like a lot of it to be outdoor activities, but it gets hot in Florida so I’m not sure that all the activities can be outside.

At the beginning of the school year and at the beginning of summer camp, I always buy Name Bubbles to put in my daughter’s clothes and lunch gear. 

Name Bubbles makes it really easy to customize your name bubbles for summer camp. YAY! 

You can easily get the kids ready for Summer Camp with Name Bubbles! They have Camp Labels Packs that will help keep germs at bay and ensure all the kid’s gear returns home at pick-up! 

Name Bubbles are designed to be extra durable to handle your summer camper’s big adventure. The labels are washable, sunblock, and bug spray-proof! WOOO! 

Since we are going to probably be wearing masks to camp this year, we will also need some mask labels to ensure that our kids don’t accidentally put on someone else’s mask. 

This is especially true of swimming classes and anything in the water where the kids might change their masks or take them off to swim. So much extra planning and consideration this year for summer camps. 

I am really concerned about keeping germs at bay during the pandemic so labeling bottles and water bottles is more important than ever. I always used Name Bubbles to do it, but now I am labeling everything! 

I also always put labels on towels and now I’m thinking I’m going to put them on her goggles as well.

The cool thing about getting personalized name tags from the bubbles is that they have a ton of different styles and shapes as well as different interests.

They have iron-on labels for clothes and waterproof labels for water bottles and lunch containers. 

Also, shoe labels that match so cute for right and left. The rainbow labels are too cute. These are in my cart and definitely going in all my daughter’s summer shoes. 

Shop Summer Camp Labels here from Name Bubbles. 

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