Summer Cocktail – Watermelon Cooler

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This week I made an amazing Summer Cocktail aptly named a Watermelon Cooler as the part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #donthesitaste I think this is one the best cocktails that I have ever made. It is perfect for a summer BBQ or for a 4th of July party. I sweetened up the cocktail to make it perfection with 2 packets of Sweet’N Low.  It is the most amazing zero calorie sweetener that helps reduce calories in drink recipes so you can enjoy the sweetness you love without the extra calories. Sweet ‘N Low is also diabetic friendly. Woohoo!!

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It gets so hot during Fourth of July that you need a cocktail that will keep your guests refreshed all day. Watermelon is the perfect base to start with because it has so much water in it.

Watermelon Cocktail-9903

Ingredients for Watermelon Cooler

4 Wedges Watermelon Slices
6 Mint Leaves
2 oz St-Germain
2 oz Cucumber Vodka (Pinnacle)
2 oz Verdejo Wine (Nisia)
1 Lime, juiced
2 packets Sweet’N Low
2 mint leaves to garnish
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Instructions for the Watermelon Cooler

1. In a large glass or shaker, muddle the watermelon slices and mint leaves together.

Watermelon Cocktail-9911 Watermelon Cocktail-9916 Watermelon Cocktail-9921
2. Add the rest of the ingredients and fill the glass or shaker with ice.

Watermelon Cocktail-99593. Stir the cocktail and garnish with mint leaves.

PRO TIPS: If you are using straws, you should strain the drink so that it can easily come through the straw. You can also garnish with watermelon wedges if you want to make the cocktail look extra fancy.

Watermelon Cocktail-9951

Watermelon Cocktail-9937


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37 thoughts on “Summer Cocktail – Watermelon Cooler”

  1. That looks so refreshing! Watermelon needs to be available all year long!! Though maybe we wouldn’t appreciate it as much….Thanks for sharing!

  2. Now this looks SO refreshing and delicious! I never thought to muddle the watermelon! It’s probably one of the easier fruits to muddle too. I also have been looking for a reason to use St. Germain and Pinnacle is like my favorite flavored vodka right now. Great recipe!

  3. As hot as it is outside right now, that looks really tempting to me. I love me some watermelon, and I love me some coolers, so this is exactly what I would love to drink on these hot days!

  4. I am a big fan of watermelon! Love having it on a nice hot summer day, I would love to make and try this cocktail out.

  5. I love the fact this recipe is good for diabetics. Only question , what are those liquors made from? I have not heard of all of them I ask because many will turn to sugar and cause issues with diabetics.

  6. My hubby is watermelon obsessed! Maybe I could actually get him to have a cocktail with me if I made him one of these 😉

  7. That sounds so light and refreshing! I definitely need someone to bring me one when I’m floating in the pool.

  8. Mmmmm, looks so tasty and refreshing. We would replace the artificial sweetener but other than that, sure looks great.

  9. Wow this look so refreshing. Love watermelon in drinks it give cooling and sweetness effect. I like that you have added mint, an extra punch of flavor.

  10. Great pictures, and what a wonderful recipe! Good job! This is a wonderful way to cool off this summer. I will have to run to the store for some of the ingredients, but this cocktail is definitely on my shortlist!


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