Summer French Manicure

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I am so glad that summer is here as the summer nail polish colors are so bright and fun. Try this Summer French Manicure and match it to your toenail polish as well. The easiest way to accomplish this look is using shellac or gel nail polish. I had to convince my manicurist that he could do it.

To accomplish this modified summer french manicure: First, polish and completely cure the color polish and then paint the French tip on and cure the entire nail again. This can be done with any color. I absolutely loved my modified Mermaid Tears French Manicure from last season.


:: Summer French Manicure ::

Gelish Polish in Passion

Gelish Polish in Snow Bunny

Forever 21 Statement Ring (similar fun Forever 21 rings below)

coral-french-manicure, summer french manicure

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9 thoughts on “Summer French Manicure”

  1. I never thought to do a bright color with white tips. I love having painted nails, but I can’t have them in the summer because of the summer job I have. 🙁

  2. Super cute! I actually paid for a Shellac mani last week — it peeled off THE NEXT DAY. Not normal right? I’m going to a new place and may have to try this one to make me feel better. 🙂

  3. This is so lovely! I am Sue from the FB bloggers group 🙂 I will be subscribing to your blog. Come check mine out when you have a chance.. take care xx


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