Sunny Day on Nickelodeon Hair Tutorial

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Sunny Day is a new show you can watch weekdays on Nickelodeon. It is super cute and my daughter has fallen in love with it! Sunny Day on Nickelodeon starts revolves around Sunny, a hairdresser who runs her own salon with the help of her talking dog, Doodle, hair colorist, Rox, and receptionist, Blair. Each episode features an original song written by Peter Lurye. With the original songs and Lilla Crawford as Sunny being known for playing Annie on Broadway, each episode is a pleasure to watch for both parents and children alike.

Sunny Day Nickelodeon

Sunny acts as a problem solver and is the heart of the community. She can untangle any problem that comes her way and always uses her styling skills in creative ways to be a true leader and inspires individuality in every preschooler. I love the storylines and powerful girls in the show. They are great role models for my daughter to watch.

Since we started watching Nickelodeon’s Sunny Day, my daughter has been asking for pink and rainbow hair. She even asked our hairstylist to dye it for her, but I don’t think she is ready for that much color and chemicals. Instead, I decided to change her hair color with Hair Chalk.

Hair Chalk for Kids

The best hair chalk that I have found for kids are the ones sold in the round containers that have a cushion pad on the other side. They are washable so that if they get anywhere, you can wash them off. I have used the ones that look like a comb and they don’t work as well. Also, some people recommend using pastels that are not meant for hair. I would recommend avoiding the pastels because they don’t wash off easily and might not come out of your kid’s hair. Avoid liquid chalk too unless you want a more permanent hair color.

Sunny Day Hair Style

To achieve the ultimate Sunny Day Hair Style, use hair chalk in hair chalk in pink, purple, red and yellow. My daughter only wanted pink hair so the sunny look was out of the question. You have to keep smiling, keep styling. For more Sunny Day inspired styles check out the Style Files on

How to Use Hair Chalk?

  1. Prepare the Room and protect your clothes by placing a washable drop sheet and chair cover over your work area and either hair salon cape or an apron. You can also wear gloves to protect your hands. The hair chalk washes of easily so it is up to you how much protection you need.
  2. Prep the hair by brushing it out and making it knot free. Also, make sure the hair is completely dry before applying the hair chalk.
  3. Apply the color by taking the open compact of chalk around the hair starting from the root and pressing the hair into the chalk with your thumb or fingers moving the compact down the strip of hair to apply the color chalk. Flip the compact over to do the other side of the hair. You can repeat as needed to make the color as vibrant as possible.
  4. Set the color by misting with hairspray to seal in the color, and allow to dry.

Sunny Day Trailer

Watch Sunny Day weekdays on Nickelodeon.

For more Sunny Day content and episodes check out

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  1. This product is HORRIBLE!!!! DO NOT BUY!!! I used it on both of my kids and myself for a “tea party.” I washed my kid’s hair TWICE and my hair FOUR times. 24 hrs later ALL of our hair is STILL stiff and nasty. I’m going to try and wash it out AGAIN!!! Again I say DO NOT BUY!!

  2. Same question here: how to you take this off the hair? This product should be taken off the shelves unless instructions for removal are also provided! It’s impossible to wash this off with regular shampoo and conditioner. We washed already several times and hair still feels nasty! DO NOT USE!


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