Sweet Potato Pumpkin Kiwi Pie

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This Thanksgiving I wanted to focus on foods that are in season. Normally, I think of pumpkin and sweet potatoes, but I did some research and Kiwi is also in season during Thanksgiving. This deconstructed Sweet Potato Pumpkin Kiwi Pie will add some color to your thanksgiving table!
sweet potato pie dessert
 Sweet Potato Pumpkin Kiwi Pie
I started my recipe with the Mrs. Smith’s original flakey crust pumpkin pie and Kraft Cool Whip that I bought at Walmart with the $1.00 off coupon. The Cool Whip was only .98 and the pie was $3.97 minus $1.00 with the coupon! I was able to pull it up on my phone! Super cool! Gotta love technology!
 IMG_9628 IMG_9627
Walmart Shopping
The Mrs. Smith’s pumpkin pie has a flaky crust made with real butter and no artificial flavors. They both taste delicious. Definitely work trying!  Here is a video of me unboxing the products from this recipe.


4 Kiwis
1 Mrs. Smith’s Pumpkin Pie
1 Medium Sweet Potato
Take the Mrs. Smith’s Pumpkin Pie out of the box.
Spoon the pumpkin mixture into a large mixing bowl.
pumpkin pie mixture-9762
Cook a sweet potato in the microwave by washing it, stabbing it with a fork all over, put the sweet potato in microwave for 3 minutes and flip over and put it in the microwave for another 2 minutes.
mash sweet potato-9771
Open up the Sweet Potato and scoop out the inside and place in the mixing bowl.
Add sweet potato into mixture-9774
Peel the kiwis and chop up one of them to add to the mixture.
Mix in Kiwis-9781
Mix it all together with a hand mixer. Spoon the mixture back into the pie.
Hand Mixer -9776
Bake as directed on the package.
 Pumpkin Sweet Potato Kiwi Pie-9783
Let the pie cool to room temperature.  You can even put it in the fridge and deconstruct it later.
Pumpkin Sweet Potato Kiwi Pie-9784
To deconstruct, all you need is a spoon. First, crumble up the pie crust at the bottom of an oversized shot glass. Then, add the pumpkin mixture to the cup 3/4 of the ways up. Lay slices of Kiwi in next. Depending on the size, you can add 2 to 3. Top with an ice cream scoop of Kraft Cool Whip and a slice Kiwi.
Pumpkin Sweet Potato Kiwi Pie single serving-9812
Kiwi Sweet Potato Pie Dessert
Enjoy & Happy Thanksgiving!

 What do you think of the Sweet Potato Pumpkin Kiwi Pie? 

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28 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Pumpkin Kiwi Pie”

  1. WoW! What a combo! I think this is going to be the dark horse of Thanksgiving- I’d love to bring something totally unexpected that blows the crowd away!

  2. Wow, I would have never thought of adding kiwi, but I can already imagine how yummy it would be. Thanks so much for sharing. YUMMY!

  3. When I think of pumpkin or sweet potato pie I’ve never thought of including kiwi. It sounds interesting. I’m always willing to try something at least once.

  4. That actually sounds good! i would have never thought of mixing these ingredients together but it definitely sounds like it works!

  5. I never would’ve thought to combine sweet potato, kiwi, and pumpkin pie. I love the color contrast between the orange and green. Fun idea!

  6. That looks absolutely delicious. I have never thought about deconstructing a pie like that, but I can totally see that being doable, especially if the pie is on clearance or something!

  7. Wow, that’s a very interesting mix. I don’t think I’ve ever thought of adding kiwi to recipes. But, I should, I love kiwi.


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