Swimsuits for Every Mood

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Swimsuits for Every Mood 

One of my favorite hobbies is to think on random subjects and choose the color that pictures them the best. Don’t think I’m crazy, I actually don’t, I’m just sharing my intimate oddities with you, and I’m sure everyone, including you, has at least one or two quirky pastimes.

Today I’ve decided to talk about swimsuits as are one of my favorite garments. Apart from lingerie, nothing make you look sexier than bathing suits, even when sun never shines. Here we go…

If I were feeling passionate but at the same time a little bit shy, I would wear…

amarena-swimuit-designer-collection-2015 amarena-bathing-suits

A one piece bathing suit in white, light blue, beige, pale rose and lemon green, these are feminine, delicate and childish colors, nothing sexier than innocence! Woman’s essence makes its appearance with the deep neckline and the cut off at the breastbone level, it looks so hot without being vulgar.

While the one piece design is a good choice when you want to look sophisticated, this suit has a whole world of surprises on the back; the ‘innocent’ look on the front has a complete twist with a naked back wrapped up with pale rose strips and a cute bow.

But if I were feeling sexy and bold I would wear…


This fully lined Frouncy Zeppo Gekia bikini by Banana Moon. Red is the color of passion by excellence and this design is more than appropriate for sunny days. Triangle top with ties at neck and back are great to get a sexy tan.

On the contrary, if I were on my honeymoon I would wear…

bettinis-white-designer-swimsuitsThis stunning ‘lingerie like’ bikini. White is the color of purity and the one worn by brides in the western world; nothing better for a romantic adventure with your boyfriend or for your honey moon. I love the X shape of the strips at the back and the bottom’s thick strip.

If I were feeling confident and strong I would wear…


This hot bikini by Peixoto. Blue is cold and wet, it’s the color for sky, water and represents authority, intelligence, trust and loyalty. I love the full coverage of the top and the insinuating cut off on breast center, besides the floral pattern that stands out from background. Double straps at hips are really sexy. Blue is the right choice whenever you feel confident.

The list is endless as swimwear’s universe is vast, but I hope you feel identified with some of these colors and swimsuit styles. What is your favorite color and frequent mood? Please leave your comments below.




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