T-Mobile Plans at Walmart + Giveaway

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Buying phones shouldn’t be a chore, and with T-Mobile’s plans available at Walmart, they aren’t! Data plans have always been a bit of a headache, especially in the last few years when caps started being implemented, and other carriers shied away from unlimited plans.


T-Mobile’s plans are simple, straightforward, and the give you what they promise. At Walmart you can get the Nokia Lumia 530 for only $49.88. The Nokia Lumia 530 is a phone designed for people on the go, with 4G capability, 4″ touchscreen, and quad-core processor. It also comes installed with Windows 8.1 which you can use to operate all your favorite apps.


The wicked cool thing about the T-Mobile plan, is that you can stream music, without going against your data plan.

That seems like an AWESOME deal to me!

Win a Giftcard

Walmart is giving away $50 gift cards that can be used to help you get on your way to purchasing an affordable phone and plan like the one mentioned above. Enter the giveaway below!

T-Mobile Holiday

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