Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: My Harrison Ford

My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, Harrison Ford is my first child and I love him dearly. He is the cutest, sweetest, most loving dog that I have ever encountered. He wants nothing more than to be pet and loved by his mommy.

I am concerned that he is going to get jealous once the baby comes in July. He sleeps with every night in my nook, but he is already being put out of his sleeping spot because my nook no longer exists. My belly bump has taken over the nook spot and it is just too uncomfortable to sleep with him there right now.

cavalier-king-charles-spaniel, harrison ford

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Harrison Ford Sunning Himself

Harrison Ford is looking cuter than ever sunning himself in the backyard. Lately, he has been begging to go out and just sit in the sun. I think it is because the weather has been pretty mild and Harrison enjoys the warmth. He usually only wants to go out to sniff the world and relieve himself. This is an entirely new behavior that is just adorable.


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Harrison Ford Goes for a Walk

Some parents like to take pictures of their children, and since I consider Harrison Ford my child, he is no exception. My hubby and I started taking pictures of my silver jeans, but we ended up focusing on The Ford. As Cavalier King Charles Spaniels go, I think Harrison Ford is the cutest one!



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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are know for their adorable faces and loving demeanor. My dog Harrison Ford is no exception. In fact, his nick name is “The Face.” I just decided to take some picture of The Face for all of you. We recently did a video of Harrison drinking milk. Also, check out his cute little freckles. When we shave him, he has them all over. We just shaved him so stay tuned for some cute picture of his freckles.


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