BonLook Sunnies

BonLook Sunnies

Wearing eye glasses is finally a cool thing to do!  I remember when my parents would buy glasses for me that I would never wear because they did not work with my style. I would wear them in my house at night, but they never saw the light of day. Then, high end designers like Chanel started selling glasses and I spent a fortune on the first pair that I actually wore outside of the house. Now, stylish eye glasses are becoming more accessible with BonLook.

Date Night Fall Outfit

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Royal Blue Skinny Jeans

For a weekend of hanging out with friends, wear a monochromatic royal blue outfit. Throw on a pair of boots and brown light jacket for a cool day.  The brown acts as a neutralizer allowing the royal blue to shine. Kim Kardashian popularized the royal blue jeans with neutrals like white and black, but let’s … Read more

Mint Made It Through

Mint made it through the fall and showed up on spring 2014 Ready to Wear runways. Hurray! My faves greens on the spring runway were made by Oscar de la Renta, Mulberry, and Kate Spade. Until spring comes, we have mint skinny jeans. I have been wearing my mint skinnies to death. When I found … Read more

Wear Sequins Everyday

Why wait until new years to wear sequins? My sister bought this top to wear for new years eve party, but I wanted to show her that she could wear it everyday. I hate to have a top that can only be worn one day a year. How boring is that? This royal blue fall … Read more

A House Divided

My family is truly a house divided as my sister and I attended rival schools. This actually works perfectly with our competitive nature. It has yet to get ugly so we continue to attended football games together. We have actually made it a family tradition to watch the rival games together.  It really is all … Read more

Fall Equestrian

The fall runways were full of designer feeling the need to saddle up their horses. Knee high riding boots are probably my fave equestrian inspired fall must-have, but I have not found a pair that is within my budget yet. However, I was happy to break out my Ralph Lauren khaki riding pants. I am … Read more

Plaid Shorts to Work

Plaid Shorts to Work by April Erhard of April Golightly