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Why wait until new years to wear sequins? My sister bought this top to wear for new years eve party, but I wanted to show her that she could wear it everyday. I hate to have a top that can only be worn one day a year. How boring is that? This royal blue fall outfit can be worn on the weekend or out to dinner with friends. Switch out the skinny jeans for work trousers and you have a super fun work outfit.

Jessica of Victoria’s Closet put it perfectly when she posed the question, “Who declared themselves the boss of everyday-wear and said “absolutely NO sequins”?”  I completely agree and hope that everyone will wear sequins more often. Jessica’s everyday sequin outfit is a perfect way to bring sequins into the spring. Now, you can wear sequins all year.

::Outfit ::

Jacket :: Lace Blazer from T.J. Maxx (similar)

Top :: Royal Blue Sequin Tank (similar)

Bottoms :: Royal Blue Skinny Jeans

Boots :: Madden Girl Black Booties from Bealls

Accessories :: Glasses (similar), Tiffany’s StarFish Elsa Peretti Pendant and Diamond Heart Pendant (similar)

How are you going to incorporate sequins into your everyday wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below.


April Golightly


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