Madewell Shopping

While I was in New York, I jumped at the opportunity to shop at Madewell. This is J.Crew’s version of Gap’s Old Navy. Since I have been shopping at J.Crew since for over 17 years, I shop at Madewell anytime I get the chance. That is usually when I go up to visit family in Boston or New York.


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Gold Dress for wealth in the new year

Wear Gold for Wealth in the New Year

Wear gold on New Year’s Eve to bring yourself wealth in the new year. Gold is color that you throw in with almost any New Year’s outfit.     Throw on some glitter pumps with almost any color dress and you will be bring wealth to you in the new year. For more color option, … Read more

How to Wear the Baroque Trend

The Baroque trend reminds me of religious art that is a staple of almost every museum that I have been to in Europe. When I first saw this baroque art, in my early twenties, I was completely bored by it. Now, I can appreciate it’s over the top nature, but I still would not want … Read more