Technology You Cannot Live Without: 10 Reasons I cannot Live Without my Cell Phone

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In today’s tech-driven world, it’s all about being fast – faster than the competitors, fast enough to get it all done, fast enough to leave you some free time. Comcast recently announced it will begin offering Gigabit Pro, a new residential Internet service that offers speeds at 2-Gigabits-per-second. In tech speak, it sounds cool…but what does this mean for US?

 April Golightly

The new speeds are at least double what any other provider can provide. They’re the fastest speeds to the most homes. You’ll be able to download multimedia files in 60 seconds, HD movies in 20 seconds and full music albums in less than a second.

The speedy service will launch in Atlanta, California, Chattanooga, Chicago, Colorado, Houston, Knoxville, Miami, Nashville, NW Indiana, Portland, Twin Cities, Utah and Washington state. It’ll be available to about 18 million homes by the end of the year – more homes in more neighborhoods than any other network! For more info, visit the site here: http://comca.st/1KnnkiI.

This massive new multi-gig speed will be something that I know I will not be able to live without. It reminded me of my favorite tech device that I could NEVER live without. Remember the original cell phones they were more annoyance than help. Now, I cannot imagine a world without my cell. These new internet speeds are building infrastructure for the future, where these fiber-run networks will be the norm.

Technology You Cannot Live Without

10 Reasons I cannot Live Without my Cell Phone

1. Email App

Since I own my own business, I could not run my business effectively without having email on my phone. I never miss an opportunity when I have my email coming to my phone. I cannot imagine waiting to get home to check my email. This is by far my most used app on my phone. I used to have on the front page but had to hide in a folder so that I would not check it every time I looked at my phone. It has made more efficient looking at it a little less than normal.

2. Instagram

I am seriously addicted to Instagram! It is my go to social media application partly for the blog and partly because I adore photos!

3. Facebook

I keep up with blogging, family, and friend new through Facebook. I would not be able to have so many friends if it weren’t for my phone’s Facebook app.

4. Streaming TV

I watch a ton of TV on my phone while doing all kinds of activities in the house. I watch while I wash dishes, do laundry, put on makeup and tons more activities. All these TV apps make it so easy to watch.

5. Great Camera

The phone cameras have come a long way since my first camera phone in the early 2000s. I remember thinking, why would I need a camera on a phone when I can take better pics with my real camera. My phone has enabled me to leave my camera and computer at home on trips. It enables me to walk around with a small clutch rather than a huge camera bag.


6. Great Video Camera

As a new mom, I am constantly capturing cute unforgettable moments. The great video on my phone allows me to capture these moments on the spot, so they don’t fade with my horrible memory.

Great Camera Video

7. Texting

The world before texting was filled with awkward phone calls. Life is so much easier now that I can communicate via text.

8. Fitness Monitoring

My 10,000 walking goal is so much easier to obtain with my phone monitoring my steps.

9. Audible App

Audible is an addiction that I’ve had for the last eight years. Instead of sitting down and reading books, I listen to them through my Audible app. It started when I had a long commute to work, and now I listen to 30 books per year on top of the books that I read in paperback. I cannot imagine living without my phone so I can get my book fix.

Audio Books

10. Podcast App

My podcast obsession stemmed from my love of audiobooks. Now they seem to be getting more popular, there are more varieties of podcast options. I could not live without them either!

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182 thoughts on “Technology You Cannot Live Without: 10 Reasons I cannot Live Without my Cell Phone”

  1. I couldn’t live without my phone either. I’m always taking photos of my kids or going online. There are way to many reasons as to why I couldn’t be without it. You covered most of them too!

  2. I use my phone for more than I am willing to admit! I take pictures with it like its going out of style. We are right there with you!

  3. Yes! I am so excited that my state is one of those on the list. My current internet provider is SOOOOOO slow. I need faster internet.

  4. I’m addicted to pretty much all forms of social media. Whether I’m networking, or just having a sticker party on Facebook, it’s just plain fun.

  5. I have to agree… I could not live without my cell. I mean, it is my go-to for coupons, staying up-to-date, and taking great photos. Those moments I never want to forget

  6. I am with you, I am lost without my phone also. If I go somewhere and forget it at home I am in trouble!

  7. I could probably list a million reasons why I can not live without my cell phone and it definitely includes many of the same reasons you listed here. It has more or less become an extension of me!

  8. I need my cell phone. It is the only phone we have to keep in contact with everyone. We cancelled our land line months ago.

  9. I’m totallly with you, I can’t live without my phone! I need fast speeds too. My ssmartphone haas changed my life! #giveaway

  10. I’d have to say that my phone has changed my life in very similar ways- after all it is a ‘smart’ phone! It basically does everything a computer can and more and the ways in which it keeps me connected are priceless! #giveaway

  11. Isn’t it crazy how cell phones were barely around 10 years ago and now we would be lost with out them. Most of these reasons are why i would be lost with out my cell phone.

  12. I love capturing little amazing life moments too with my cell. I also sort of have a social media addiction lol!

  13. #giveaway Switching from the old school flip phone to my smartphone changed things greatly..I can’t even imagine still having a phone that was well, just a phone! I use it daily and see it as a necessity for my every day activities..

  14. I can’t remember what life was like before phones were around and awesome. I got my first cell in high school when I bought it myself. I wish the cameras were around when my kids were younger.

  15. I cant live without my tablet; it keeps me organized at work or out and about; light and easy to use; i do not have a cell phone and the tablet is the next best thing.

  16. I can’t live without my laptop! I take it everywhere and stay connected – work, personal, and entertainment! #giveaway

  17. I can’t live without my iphone! It is my life line to being able to talk to people and its’ gps capabilities gets my direction-ally challenged self where I need to be. #giveaway

  18. My smartphone has changed my life! It’s nice to always be in touch with people, have the ability to search the internet from anywhere, and keep track of my daily schedule! #giveaway

  19. I can not live without my Smartphone! I use it to keep in touch with work, home, and long distance relatives! #giveaway

  20. I discovered the internet in June of 1998, can’t imagine life without a computer now. I use it for everything.


  21. The product that changed my life was my computer. It has helped me with finding deals I could have never found before and it helped me help my kids with school. #giveaway

  22. I would have to say my smartphone changed my life. I have teenagers and my phone is a great way to keep in constant contact with them. #Giveaway

  23. I would have to say my dvr, lol 🙂 There are so many shows that I would love to watch and this offers me the opportunity to do it on my own time. It is also nice that I can record something that my son loves and he can watch it anytime he wants instead of having to wait for it to be on live tv.

  24. Laptops have changed my life! With it I’ve been able to reach out and reconnect with old friends who I’ve lost touch with for years!! #giveaway

  25. My Android phone changed my life, it made it possible to keep in touch with everybody on emails, Facebook, Twitter everywhere


  26. April nailed it about all the great features of cell phones.
    I’ve got another reason why my cell phone is so important. KnoMe, my mobile/smart business card!
    I no longer fumble/search for my paper business cards. I’ve got the KnoMe App! I txt my biz
    cards to everybody and they have my biz card forever, right in front of them. KnoMe also features a GROUNDBREAKING Contact manager! Please go here to learn more: http://tinyurl.com/owkrzw8.

  27. My Kindle Fire changed my life and made life a lot easier. It offered a way to browse the Internet, read books, watch movies, the list goes on and on. #giveaway

  28. #giveaway for $100 AMX. I couldn’t live without my laptop. Keeps me updated on news, family and surfing the web.

  29. My Dell Streak changed my life by allowing me to dtake pictures, create documents, and stay up-to-date while on the go. #giveaway

  30. #giveaway The tech product that changed my life was my computer… I was old when introduced to the computer and was so afraid I would break the internet! I really enjoy the ability to stay connected through email, facebook and twitter, and love browsing and gathering info.So much to learn ,so little time.

  31. The tech product that changed my life is my smartphone! I use it throughout the day for everything! #giveaway

  32. The computer changed my world. While on-line I can keep in touch with my friends and family and order purchases on-line. #giveaway

  33. I’d have to agree with you and say my smart phone changed my life. It pretty much has my whole life on it. #giveaway
    Thanks bunches.

  34. I have enjoyed all of my smartphones but my iPhone 5 is the one that changed my life. All that I do on my iPhone 5 may have been available on prior smartphones but the iPhone 5 is the one I have learned to link it seems my whole life, which includes my daughters, to. I will add that I’m not sure it is all good but that’s the way it is. Thanks so much.

  35. Having Bluetooth in my car…nothing better than my phone being synced up and I can talk and drive safely when needed

  36. I would say getting a laptop changed my life it enabled me to have internet in my home and not have to travel to the library to use the computers there. #giveaway

  37. My iphone changed my life. It brought so many options to me and plus I could facetime and bring people closer. #giveaway.

  38. My cellphone has changed my life….I never worry about missing a call…and the camera is wonderful – wish I had one when my daughter was a baby

  39. I love my tablets…not as unwieldy as a laptop, very portable, and more than adequate for most of my needs #giveaway

  40. My first home laptop changed my life: email and the internet! Year later, I appreciate my android tablet and phone.

  41. My first iphone 3 that combined all my music and my kindle and my games and my email and I could even use it as a phone! The camera has only gotten better too! #giveaway

  42. The computer has definately changed my life. It enables me to stay in touch with family & friends all over the country, even some foreign countries. The ever-changing technologies are a blessing! #giveaway

  43. I definitely know that my android has changed my life. I cannot go an hour without checking it so that I stay in the loop. #giveaway

  44. Honestly, I never thought I wanted an iPad, but now that I have one, I can’t imagine not having it. It’s the perfect midsize between phone and laptop, and does everything I’d want a laptop to do while being WAY more portable and holding a charge a lot longer!

  45. #giveaway Probably first smartphone (LG Ally). Laptops were always too big for me, so desktops it was. Until the computer could fit in my pocket, now I always have it!

  46. My home computer changed my life, it’s what I use most to stay connected to friends and family. #giveaway

  47. My Kindle of Course!!! I can carry around so many books now for myself, the grand kids, and all at the touch of button!! i have access to my online Bible too! Amazing!!!

  48. My computer as my first choice but my smartphone would be my go to, since it is so portable. I can be in touch with my grown children and my grandchild with the touch of a button. I enjoy skyping with my grandchildren daily. #giveaway #tech

  49. My Android smartphone has changed my life!! I can always be in a moments reach for my family and my friends! love being so close to everyone! #giveaway

  50. I had a white box computer, it was great because the Internet was a new thing, and I could update my computer with different hardware to become a super tool for college. I was very happy, wrote my first novel ever, and connected with the world. Something that I had told my 1st grade teacher was going to happen when I was 8 years old, lol. #giveaway

  51. My PC changed my life! I can keep up on work emails, keeping in touch with family and friends and working on my hobbies such as creative writing so much easier since I got my own computer! #giveaway

  52. The laptop. I had always wanted to write a book/story and would have a major flow of ideas but I couldn’t write fast enough on a notepad or piece of paper and so I didn’t really get into it. Now, I have written five full books, attended a writing school thanks in part to my laptop, and finally had an outlet for all those waterfalls of ideas haha. I thank God for the laptop! ^_^ #giveaway

  53. I just got a new ZTE smartphone. It has changed my life to keep in touch with friends & family, check my email, all these apps. It’s been great going from a basic flip phone. #Giveaway

  54. My smart phone changed my life. Being able to do things like access email away from home, or get directions etc. Sure makes life easier. Oh and not to mention making phone calls!

  55. The tech gadget that has changed my life in a great way is my chromebook! I am a stay at home, single mother of a 3 year old little girl and by having a chromebook I am able to earn money to be able to stay at home with my little one!Thank you for this amazing chance, so fabulous 🙂 Good luck everyone! #giveaway

  56. I have to go with my Iphone! I switched to an Android….lets just say, biggest mistake I’ve ever made! Switching back to an Iphone soon, thank goodness! ~Elizabeth

  57. My iPad changed my life. I no longer even use or have a laptop/ computer. I use it to read books, watch tv, get online, take pictures, take notes, etc. I’m basically attached to it. 🙂 #giveaway

  58. My smartphone has changed my life. I can get on the line and do price comparisions, get discounts at stores.#giveaway

  59. My first laptop changed my life. I couldn’t sit in the computer chair after back surgery, so my laptop was my life-line. #giveaway

  60. My android chanced my life. I can keep up with my kids while I am at work and even get updates on my favorite sports teams while at work. It is my camera and everything else #giveaway

  61. The first tech product that changed my life was my desktop computer. It opened the whole world to me. For the first time I could instantly connect to people, places and event globally at the end of the 20th century and into the 21st century.. I was so intrigued that I even learn a little hardware tech to learn how to keep my desktop going. #giveaway

  62. My Nexus 7 tablet is the device that has changed my life. I use it daily for reading, checking email, social media and sometimes shopping.

  63. #giveaway The tech product that changed my life was my old cell phone and the ability to text! I couldn’t imagine not texting now!

  64. #giveaway The product that changed my life is my high end desktop computer. I built it myself by buying all the parts separately and putting them together. It made me realize how much i like computers and that i want to have a career that involves computers.

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