Thanksgiving Attire Options

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Thanksgiving Attire Options

Most women are well aware of the struggle in finding an appropriate outfit for Thanksgiving dinner. You need something that is cute, yet sophisticated; hip-hugglingly flattering, but somehow still grandma-approved. The fabric should be nice enough for a family get together, but not too nice that it can’t stand a little spill of spiked cider or cranberry sauce. And of course, the ultimate demand – it’s gotta be able to provide some relief after hours of mashed potatoes.

As if any one of these requirements weren’t difficult enough to meet, the search through various skirt and slack ensembles ideal for Turkey Day can be overwhelming and tiresome. This time of year, we’re all about throwing on a comfy sweater, a pair of leggings and hitting the road! To help in your quest to find the perfect Thanksgiving Day outfit, here are a few options to provide inspiration depending on where you’ll be dining.

Traditional Dinner with Parents and Extended Family


After how many years of dressing up for birthday and anniversary parties, holiday dinners and other celebrations, an outfit for family dinner will provide the most relaxed requisites. If your plans include glossing over work/college applications and boyfriends while pretending to watch football to get out of dinner prep duties, an outfit like this will suit you well! Opt for rich fall colors like red, navy, browns and golds. The more detailing the better; like that of this Swiss Dot Pom Pom skirt from J. Crew, which adds interest in contrast with the pattern of this simple button down. Keep toasty with a pair of matching tights, and take advantage of the opportunity to wear flats! A cute headband like this one from Sephora tops off the outfit for a look that’s stylish yet family approved.

Dinner with Your Partner’s Parents


No matter if this is your first or hundredth time meeting your beau’s parents, you always want to make a good impression! Thanksgiving is a special opportunity which allows you to bond with his mother over dinner and his father over drinks – or maybe vice versa. Select a sweater dress that is modest yet flattering; cowl neck styles like this one from 2cute2trendy look great on most all body types. Accentuate your efforts to dress up by accessorizing with chandelier earrings, framed with a hairstyle not found in your usual catalogue. Finish up with a sharp pair of shoes, like these Shamus Distressed Suede Leather Ankle Boots from Matisse Footwear at EVINE Live. You’ll need something sturdier than stilettos if you want to keep up with his family all day!

Dinner Date with Friends


The most fun holiday outing also offers the most fun outfit! If you’re having a dinner party with a bunch of pals, put on a fantastic slinky dress and a whole lot of bling. Whether you’re dining out somewhere that’s open for Thanksgiving or creating your own holiday feast at someone’s house, holidays with friends are the greatest opportunity for dressing up. Select a dress like this strapless number from Lily Boutique that’s sure to make you the Belle of the Soiree, and pair it with a killer choice of heels. Warm up with an elegant faux fur cape, shawl wrap or loose cardigan, and don’t forget the jewelry!

What are your plans for this Thanksgiving? Share your outfits in the comments!

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  1. cute outfits- I was so enamored of the blue dress that I had to go check it out! I wish I could try things on before buying like you can in a brick and mortar.


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