The Festive Period Is Over… Now What?

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When planning your home for the festive period, most of the techniques you use will be aimed at adding more to the household.

That might involve bringing in a Christmas tree or ornaments for the given holidays you celebrate.

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It may involve decorations, presents, and planning for your family (such as bringing in more tables and chairs from the garage storage space so you can cook for everyone and serve them correctly).

Now that the festive period is over and the new year is here, how is best to plan your household? Well, you don’t have to tear down all your decorations just yet, but it can still be nice to make a few administrative plans to get started.

But what would that look like in practice? Well, to save you a little energy and organization time, we’ve decided to offer some timely advice to help you. Without further ado, please consider the following advice.

Now It’s Time To Really Set Up Those Gifts

There’s a nice sense of “this is lovely, but we can look at it tomorrow” when it comes to several gifts you’ve been purchased. For example, perhaps you’ve given your child a bicycle, but it’s been a little too cold to ride it so far.

Maybe you have a year subscription to a streaming service, but you need to set up the parental controls to make sure your children can use it without access to mature content. Now is the time to go for it.

Of course, you don’t have to do everything yourself. Using a trampoline assembly service can make sure it’s placed in the correct location of your garden while maximizing safety.

The same can be said for other services, like those who install your new garden path, landscapers, or perhaps those who install your new security system gifted to you, or smart home products. This can save a great deal of effort, and make sure ithe item works out of the box.

Remove The Tree & All Its Needles

If you were lucky enough to use a large tree to decorate your living room for Christmas, then you likely know what happens now. The tree can look wonderful, but that doesn’t make its pine needles and less combative to deal with.

Well, when you decide to remove it, now is the time. Set out a dust sheet for when you take off the decorations, as this should catch many of them. Remove the tree into the outside space and donate the wood or chop it for use later on. Then, attack your living space with a vacuum cleaner.

Go over every inch of free floor space. Take out your main carpet or rug and beat it against a wall with a swatter or wide-faced tool, then vacuum that and wash it.

Use carpet cleaners on the installed carpet, and then let it dry. This way, six months from now you won’t walk barefoot through your living room only to suffer ten million pine needles against your skin. It’s a humorous tidbit of advice, but many families will see the truth in it.

Donate Unneeded Items

It’s healthy to spread the festive cheer a little more, while also tidying up your house in one fell swoop. For example, if you’ve purchased a brand new kettle, air fryer or toaster oven for the festive period, then you can donate your old one, perhaps to a homeless shelter or a recycling service that finds a new home as appropriate.

If you can sell the item, that can give you some funds to help replenish your bank account after the expensive festivities are past.

At the very least, now is the perfect time to resist the urge to store it for later – if we’re not careful we can store every spare appliance we’ve ever owned in our attics or garages, and that only provides us a mess to sort out later.

Pursue That Routine Once More

You have a few more days to get back into your usual routine, step by step. Now is a good time to make sure the shock of returning isn’t as bad as it could be. 

Pursuing that routine can be achieved in several ways. Setting a bedtime once more can help you wake up and enjoy a nice walk in the park, so your default mode is waking productivity without having to feel uncomfortable in a commute.

You can also begin your new fitness program now, or perhaps just get used to getting your kids ready for the school run again. These little preparations achieved early, help you relax a great deal more than you would.

Wit this advice, you’re able to make the most of the new year, even now the festive period is over. Happy New Year!

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