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The first rendition of The Great Gatsby in film caused a revival of the 1920s look. The Great Gatsby Fashion might be on its way back in as it seems that the Baz Luhrmann and the fashion world have been planning for the same thing to happen with the release of the new Great Gatsby. Lines inspired by the film are popping up everywhere and selling out! Warby Parker came out with glasses inspired by the film. There are three awesome styles including the Porter, the Joplin, and the Duke. They can be worn as sunglasses or prescription glasses. Considering the prices of glasses these day, the price is really not bad at all. Wire frames are not my favorite, but they are selling out, so they are obviously someone style. I might have to reconsider.


Brooks Brothers is carrying a line of preppy fashion inspired by outfits worn by Gatsby, Nick, and Daisy. I am huge fan of the boater hat and wish I could get my husband into one of their white suits and color blocked loafers. Tiffany’s also came out with the Ziefeld line of jewelry inspired by the 1920s and The Great Gatsby. The ring that I have my eye on that I could probably afford is the Ziegfeld pearl, sterling silver, and black onyx ring. I took an instagram of it when I first saw it in Tiffany’s catalog.


All this hubbub has been greatly delayed by the delay in the release of the film. Since my husband and I are such huge fans of the book,  we have anxiously awaited the premiere of The Great Gatsby and will probably see it in the theater in first week. If it the film is good, which I really hope it is, it might inspire my couples Halloween costume this year. Until Halloween comes around, I will be incorporating the 1920s looks from The Great Gatsby into my wardrobe.

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Images Courtesy of Warby Parker.

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20 thoughts on “The Great Gatsby Fashion”

  1. I noticed this trend yesterday while I was shopping at Nordstrom. I saw a lovely white lace dress that would look beautiful on my daughter, unfortunately they didn’t have one small enough for her. Bummer.

  2. These are really cool glasses! I really love the ’20s look and enjoy the architecture and the style of the era. I’ll have to check out everything from Warby Parker to indulge in the fashion revival! Thanks for sharing!


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