There is No Right Shape

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I wrote ‘There is No Right Shape’ blog post as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars and o.b. tampons. #OBelievers

There is no right shape for women! I believe that more now than I ever have before. I realize that it is kind of insane that I feel more confident today wearing a size 12 than I ever did as size 4. I think it comes with realizing that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. You don’t need to be a Barbie doll or rail thin to beautiful.

I have tons of friends that all look different. Some are tall and blonde, short and curvy, and every shape in between. I love all of them the same and think that they are beautiful and fabulous.


As friends, we share so much and go to each other for advice about everything from where to send our kids to school, what dentist is the best, and even what products to use. Sometimes, we don’t ask for recommendations and just happen upon using something our friends use when we are in a pinch. Like a lot of o.b. users, I started using o.b. because a friend lent it to me when I was in need. From that moment on, I was hooked. I love how discrete and little they are. You can easily hide them in your bag or even in your wallet.

Delray Market Place Delray Market Place DSC_2241

To pay it forward, I like to keep a few extra o.b. tampons in my bag just in case any of my friends ever needs one. They don’t take up a ton of space, so it costs me nothing to keep a few extra in my bag, What can I say, I’m an o.b. advocate!! Every woman’s body is different. That’s why o.b.® tampons are designed to help stop leaks by expanding all-around to fit each unique shape. If you feel like you have tried o.b. tampons and did not like them, I challenge you to try them again after reading the directions on how to insert them. You can find the directions HERE.

o.b. tampons

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  1. I always hands-free and discreetly carry my ob tampons on my leg in my Small PortaPocket (same size as shown in the avatar pic with that tennis skirt & card showing…).That way you’ll never be without them esp when you have an irregular cycle (like me)…plus, it’s so comfy you forget it’s even there (in more ways than one! 😉


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