Things to Do in Tallahassee with Kids

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This weekend, we tool a trip up to Tallahassee from South Florida. We had a blast and wanted to share Things to Do in Tallahassee with kids.

When my sister went to Florida State and we visited her, we usually stayed near the school and spent our free time at Football games. This time we brought my daughter and actually saw what Tallahassee had to offer for kids. It was a super fun trip! 

Things to Do in Tallahassee with Kids

Things to Do in Tallahassee with Kids

My daughter is 6 years old and loved all of the following activities. After this recent trip to Tallahassee, I realized there is much more to Tallahassee outside of just the colleges and the capital. 

Things to Do in Tallahassee with Kids

Challenger Learning Center

The Challenger Learning Center  features a space mission simulator, an IMAX 3D theatre and a dome theatre and planetarium. They also host something called SCIturday Classes. 

Challenger Learning Center

SCIturdays Classes

On Saturdays at the Challenger Learning Center, adults and kids can take Science classes. The SCIturday class that we took as a family was about manufacturing by taking away and adding things to make something new. Learn more about the classes here. 

First, we created something by taking something away. We used a program to make a design that would be created using a machine that drills out the design creating something new.

Challenger Learning Center 3d Printing

My daughter got really into make the design and we had a blast creating a panda design by adding a flower and choosing fonts.

Challenger Learning Center

Challenger Learning Center SCIturday

Then, we used 3D printing pens to make designs. The pen heat plastic and the plastic immediately cools when it comes out of the pen.

3d pens


Before going to The Challenger Learning Center, we went to The Egg for breakfast. The food blew me away. My favorite was the Irish Benedict wade with Corn Beef Hash. 

The Egg Cafe Tallahassee

Irish Benedict

Wakulla Springs

We visited Wakulla springs a nature preserve and state park. We took a guided tour of the Wakulla Spring where we saw an undisturbed habitat of North Florida.

The Wakulla Spring feeds the water and runs into the Gulf of Mexico. The water is always 69 degrees and would have been great for swimming if it had been warmer. I would love the stay at the Wakulla Springs Lodge next time and come up during warmer months.

Wakulla Springs Wakulla Springs boat tour Wakulla Springs with Kids Wakulla Springs Boat

We saw so much wild life in one hours time. It was astounding! We saw several Alligators and baby alligators as well. The babies had stripes on them and were soo cute.

Also, we saw so many different birds that I could not possibly attempt to name them all.

We also saw Manatees near the base of the springs. It was nice to see manatees that had not been harmed by boats. Since the Wakulla Spring is protected there is much less risk for injury of the wildlife.

After our boat ride, we had a lovely lunch at the Wakulla Lodge. It was delicious and the inside of the Lodge is gorgeous and a must see on your visit to Tallahassee.Wakulla Springs Lodge



Wakulla Springs Lodge


Tallahassee Museum

During our stay in Tallahassee, we went to the Tallahassee Museum. They have a ropes course for both adults and kids. It is really cool!

My daughter absolutely love the Tree-to-Tree ropes course. The minimum height is 41 inches. At 6 years old, she is 49 inches so we were all good.

Tallahassee Museum

The Tree adventure course has the kids climbing tree stands and rope bridges and tunnels. Then, at the end, there is a low zip line.

Tallahassee Museum Tree adventure

Then, we went to check out the animal preserve and my daughter had a blast checking out the animals. My fave was the Florida Panthers. They are endangered and I was so happy to she got to see them.

There is also a Dinosaur art exhibit made out of car parts. Artist, Jim Gary salvaged auto parts from junkyards to create pre-historic creators. It is fun way for kids to learn about Dinosaurs outdoors. We absolutely loved the colorful works of art and educational tools.

Aloft Hotel

During our stay in Tallahassee, we stayed at the Aloft hotel. It is super cute and actually allows dogs. I love the modern look and it is so cute. We had a blast playing pool in the lobby and the dinner was super yummy! 

Aloft TallahasseeAloft Tallahassee

Which is your favorite of the Things to Do in Tallahassee with Kids? 


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