Three Reasons To Invest in Prescription Sunglasses Before Summer

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Three Reasons To Invest in Prescription Sunglasses Before Summer 

Many people are guilty of leaving their eyes exposed to the sun too frequently, and people who wear glasses or contacts are no exception. In fact, since these lenses often have anti-UV coating or light tinting, it can be especially easy for people wearing them to forget that they are exposing their eyes to harmful radiation. One of the easiest ways that people with vision problems can start protecting their eyes is by upgrading to a pair of prescription sunglasses, which is worth the money for numerous reasons.

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1. Protecting the Eyes from the Sun Is Crucial

Most people are well aware of the harmful effects that UV rays have on the skin. However, it’s easy to overlook the fact that those rays can be just as harmful to the eyes. Prolonged sun exposure can raise the risk of all of the following problems:

  • Photokeratitis, or sunburn of the cornea. This can cause pain and light sensitivity but typically heals on its own.
  • Cataracts, or clouding of the lenses. Cataracts are the most common cause of blindness worldwide.
  • Cancer of the eyelid. An aggressive cancer may spread to other nearby lymph nodes or other parts of the body.

Some of these conditions, such as cataracts, have other risk factors, so shielding the eyes from the sun will not necessarily prevent all eye problems from occurring. However, it will reduce the risk while improving day-to-day comfort. Though there are many means of reducing the sun’s harsh glare, sunglasses with prescription lenses are the most effective for people with vision problems.

2. Prescription Sunglasses Are the Most Versatile Solution

Many people who wear glasses are content to protect their eyes in other ways, such as buying clip-on lenses to wear glasses or regular sunglasses to wear over contacts. Prescription sunglasses offer the most convenient solution, however. They are easier to locate and put on while driving than clip-on lenses, which reduces the risk of an accident or a drive without any eye protection. They also offer a full-time solution, unlike sunglasses paired with contacts. Contacts can fall out, become dirty, or irritate the eyes, and if the contacts must be removed in favor of glasses, regular sunglasses will not be useful. With sunglasses that have prescription lenses, it is only necessary to shop and care for one pair of glasses, instead of worrying about owning both regular sunglasses and clip-on lenses.

3. A Wide Variety of Prescription Sunglasses Are Available

Some people may believe that buying a prescription pair of sunglasses requires sacrificing fashion for practicality. Realistically, prescription eyewear, including sunglasses, is available in a wide range of styles, shapes, and colors that compares well to the selection of regular sunglasses. People worried about spending a small fortune will find there are many affordable options available, while people who want to splurge a little will find it is easy to justify doing so, since sunglasses play such an important role in protecting eye health.

Quick Tips for Shopping

A pair of prescription sunglasses should block more than 90 percent of both UVA and UVB rays. Sunglasses that wrap around or have large lenses are preferable, since they will best protect the eyes. If these criteria are met, the glasses in question should be a great choice that offers top-notch protection with a bit of style.

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