Thrifting in Oregon

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While I was in Oregon for my friend’s wedding, I found an amazing thrift store named Velour. I could not believe the prices and the amazing stock. I bought 10 items spending around $60.00. Included in my finds were a pair of Salvador Ferragamo, pictured below with the purple skirt that I also bought. It was blast! If you are in or near Portland anytime soon, you definitely need to make it out to Velour.



Here is my jade colored OPI mermaid tears french manicure! I need to get that manicure again. Such a great look!





I was in love with this chair that was in the dressing room at Velour. The whole place is adorable!



Check out those Salvador Ferragamo sandals that I got for nearly nothing. I have been wearing them a ton lately. They are extremely comfortable.






What is your favorite thrift store find?

April Golightly

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  1. Okay, I’m sitting here raising my hand fanatically as if to tell you that I live in Portland!!!!!!! We definitely have some of the most awesome thrift stores around! I’m glad you got to experience the quirkiness of Portland, next time you’re here, we’ll have to meet up!


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