Tips for Moving for Work

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Last year, my husband and I were discussing moving across the country for a job that he was interviewing for in Silicone Valley. We kept it very quiet because I did not want to upset my family for no reason. They live very close and this would be a huge change for everyone. We talked about what we would do with our furniture and our house since we would be downsizing to move to such an expensive area.

Rent a Home &  Furniture

We decided that we would probably rent our house furnished and rent furniture and a home close to the location of the new job. This makes the most sense because it is tough to decide where you want to live in a new place. We did not want to buy a home right away because we did not know which areas we would like or if he would like the new job. Also, it would make the most sense to avoid making furniture purchases until we knew where we would be living. Furthermore, lugging our current furniture cross-country is just crazy!

A benefit of getting your home furnished with rented furniture is that your home can look pretty now without having to save up or make final decisions on furnishing the moment you move to a new location. You will be more likely to love a new place if you are not worried about your home looking perfect. It just is perfect! CORT Furniture Rental has furniture on-demand! It is there when you need it, gone when you no longer need it.

If your new company wants you bad enough, they might pay relocation costs including footing the bill for a few months of furniture rental until you find the perfect neighborhood and home for you.

Take Preview Trips

Before you decide to move to a new job in a different town, definitely take a few trips to the location before you decide to move.

Test Out Your Commute

Before taking the new job, test out your commute a few times during the time you will actually be commuting. A hefty commute can make or break your new job happiness.

Know the Cost of Living

Do some research into the cost of living in your new city. Your new salary might not go as far as it would in the current city that you are living in. Dollars are only as good as what you can buy with them. The same home here in Boca Raton is double the price in some places and 1/2 of it in other places.

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