10+ BEST Tops to Hide a Belly when You are Curvy & Petite

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Everyone has a different way of hiding their tummy, but what about when you’re curvy and petite? Tops to hide a belly are often too long for short people. Here are 10+ tops to hide a belly when you’re curvy and petite!

Curvy Petite Style Tips – 10 Tops for Petite Girls

For those of us with petite curvy figures, finding the right top can be a journey. The best tops are ones that fit snugly without being too tight – this will show off your curves in all their glory!

For women who wear larger sizes or have an hourglass shape, make sure you try on several styles to find one that suits both your body type as well as personality.

For many woman shopping for clothes is a tough task because there’s not much variety available when it comes to our shapes.

That said, if you’re looking for something low-cut but don’t want every curve out there showing then go with higher waisted jeans instead. These come up high enough so everything stays hidden away while strut your stuff in jeans.

Necklines for Curvy Petite Women

To bring attention away from your belly as a curvy petite woman, you need to choose the right necklines that draw the eye away from your belly.

The best necklines for curvy petite women are vneck, uneck or scoop neck, and square neck tops.

Prints and Stripes

When you are petite you want avoid horizontal stripes and large prints. Choose small prints and vertical stripes to trick the eye into skimming over the belly area.

Summer midi skirt outfits

V-Neck Tops

V-necks are a great way to appear taller and slimmer. They also create space in the neckline, so you don’t have any unwanted attention drawn there! Be sure to wear it with high waisted jeans or shorts for best results.

You can also bring attention away from your tummy by adding statement earrings too.

Work Capsule wardrobe

V-Neck tops from CeCe with a vneck are a great choice curvy petite women because they skim the body rather thank cling to it.

Scoop Top

Scoop Neck Tops

You will feel like a million bucks with this new addition to your wardrobe. The scoop neck top creates space in the area around your chest and shoulders, giving you an instant height boost that makes it seem like you’re floating above everyone else. This look is flattering for all body types because of how well-balanced it is!

A scoop neck top can help you appear taller and more slender by taking some of the pressure away from your chest.

The lack of constriction around the neck area also makes it easier to breathe in a tight-fitting garment, such as those with button closures, which are popular for their ease and versatility but often make breathing difficult due to restrictive clothing design.

Most of the tops that I have that are U-Neck of Scoop neck are made of stretch material. I wear them tucked in bottoms like high waisted jeans, wrap skirts, or flippy shorts.

Square Neck Tops

You can create a nice open neck area with square neck tops that elongates your body and makes you look long, leaner–and more beautiful.

Cropped tops with skirts

Cropped Tops

A crop top turns into a well cut shirt for petites without having to shop in the petite section. It is pretty awesome!

As a petite curvy woman, you can choose to wear a cropped top that does not necessarily appear cropped or mid-drift showing.

If you wear a crop top with high waisted bottoms like jeans, shorts, joggers and skirts it will skim the waist without cutting off your torso at all. It’s super cute!

My favorite are from Target – they’re five bucks but so worth the money for those days where I just want something easy going on my body while still fitting in my style preferences.

belted tops for petites
Top and Jeans

Belted Tops

Tops with structured waistlines or belts draw attention to your small waist, making it appear slimmer.

You can choose where to belt a top by removing those little hoops that the tops come with. Choose your natural waist or the smallest part of your waist.

Wrap tops

My top tips for women who are both curvy and petite is to wear a wrap top camoflauge the tummy area.

You can choose a real wrap top of a surplice top that is a faux wrap. Your goal when choosing these types of tops is to have the fabric hide your tummy. If the fabric clings or brings more attention to a tummy, then skip it.

Peplum Tops

When choosing a peplum top for curvy petite woman, you want to avoid ones that are empire waisted. You want the peplum to start at the smallest part of your waist to pull the eye into that part of your body.

The peplum camoflauges the belly area by making people think that it is just a design detail.

Body Suits

When you have a large tummy, it help to wear a bodysuit that holds you in and acts like shape wear to smooth a muffin top or a belly bulge.

Tops to Avoid

If you want to find flattering clothes for a big stomach, make sure not to wear garments that are bulky around the tummy area.

You don’t want to create more bulk with pockets or other embellishments in this region as it will just enlarge your belly even further!

Also, overly loose tops are not a great choice for petite women with large bellies or stomaches they want to hide. They end up adding bulk rather than hiding it.

Avoid empire waists above all because they call more attention to belly area and draw attention to it. When the top is tight on top and then billows out right under the breast area, it appears that your stomach starts right starts right at the breast line. It is not a good option.

How to wear a High Neck Top?

If you are an hourglass shape, don’t be discouraged by the high neck and crew necks. Try a long necklace with these shirts to see if it saves them! I would not buy any more tops like this in the future, but please do not go purging your closet today. 🙂

Which top is your favorite?

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