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This week I shopped for Tory Burch Outlet Bags at Sawgrass Mills. I was so excited to shop in person and show you guys all of the awesome Tory Burch Outlet purses that they have available.

Today we’re going to be shopping at Sawgrass Mills Outlet Mall at the Colonnade. It is an outdoor shopping area that you don’t have to actually go into the mall. This is my favorite place to shop because I do not have to go indoors.

Blue dress dia vneck and tory burch emerson

Tory Burch Emerson Bags

The first bag to catch my eye is the Emerson mini top handle. It’s available in six colors and a few prints. It’s beautiful textured leather with magnetic snap closure, a zipper compartment and six interior credit card slots and it has one exterior pocket.

The bags are made of leather like a Saffiano leather, but it’s called textured leather. It’s water resistant and kind of scratch resistant as well. This makes it a really durable, awesome leather.

The Emerson collection at the outlet is actually kind of comparable to the Robinson collection at the Tory Burch Boutique. They also have these super cute little bags, called the mini bucket bags with a little removable like fabric pouch on the inside.

They come in a few different colors and are super super cute and really on trend right now. I love these tiny little bags.

They’re great for like cross bodies, and especially for petite women so that they the bags don’t like overwhelm you. They’re super cute for spring I’m so excited about them.

Tory burch thea bag

Thea Tory Burch Bags

The next collection that drew me in is this amazing one called Thea. The wallets on the chain is something that I’m looking for for spring. The color are definitely drawing me in the Theo Wulven web flap crossbody is so awesome.

Tory Burch Juliette

The next bag that drew me in for spring and summer are these beautiful Juliette top handle bags. This one’s the top hand bubble canvas and then the mixed material mini bag so stinking cute.

I love the flap and the canvas honestly it comes in three different colors. It’s just It looks really pretty for the spring summer. I think it would look great with some dresses.

Tory Burch Willa Bags

The next bag that sucked me in was the Willa mini top handle. I’ve really noticed that the top handles seem to be very popular at the outlets, but in the regular companies not company store, but the regular Tory Burch store that’s at malls.

They don’t really have a lot of top handles I looked online and I couldn’t find top handles and I’m glad to see them again in stores at the outlet because they’re I’m a big fan of it and it’s really easy.

I like the crossbody strap and then the top handle makes it like kind of fun to have the Willa actually comes in these four colors.

This Willa clutch in the white color. I almost bought like on the phone when I was calling into the store and I’m glad I didn’t because of seeing in a person. It actually has silver components and I really for like what I’m looking for. I’m only looking for gold components right now.

The Willa clutch has glazed leather and it has two different strap options. A gold strap for this bag color and then for the white one and I think the black one it’s similar. But, the green and pink both have gold straps and gold hardware.

Britton Tory Burch Bags

There’s an interior zipper pocket and then there’s magnetic closure. It’s really nice, but for right now I’m just looking for the gold. Like I said, the next group of purses that drew me in are the Briton bags. They remind me of the McGraw bags and also the Miller bags at the regular Tory Burch store.

This beautiful brown Woven Bag. It’s just gorgeous. They have a few different types for it they have a wallet, they have an adjustable shoulder bag and this is the small saddle bag. It’s in like a very dark chocolate liquid color.

This is great for an alternative to a black bag for spring and summer look. Especially if you don’t want to wear like a light bag and if you want if you think you’re going to get a dirty or something I feel like this is awesome.

If you’re not too worried about getting your bag dirty this canvas beautiful flowered bag it’s so cute. Also there’s another top handle bag there that I really like in black and they have with the gold as well.

I really liked this top handles small Brittan bag with the pebbles leather it’s really pretty and I really liked the color.

The soft pebble leather made it really nice and you could actually fit your phone in the back of it which is really cool.

Again I’m really into the top handle and then this logo is really beautiful. It looks really expensive and I think it was like 179 definitely a huge fan.

Let me know in the comments below if you’re into the top handle bags with the crossbody strap available if you want to wear it either way.

Lee Radziwill Tory Burch Bag

The next bag that drew me in is the Lee Radziwill petite bag and this red and this lovely like pink color.

It’s really cool. It kind of looks like an amazing bag, which I really like but because of all this like gold hardware that it has with it.

It’s a tiny little bag, but it’s kind of heavy. I’m all about lightweight and I don’t want to add any weight to my bag with just like hardware.

That’s my personal opinion. So to me it’s not really worth the super high price tag.

But, then again getting the look of an Hermes bag and like that super stylish look is that I’m definitely drawn to it.

So let me know in the comments below what your opinion is on these type this bag. Is it worth it?

Tory Burch Outlet Accessories

The Tory Burch outlet also has some really fun accessories like this key fob that kind of looks like a plant. It’s adorable. I actually used one of these like as a keychain for a long time.

I love it and you could just like put it on your bag as a bag accessory to I also tried on some shoes I’ve been dying to try on these mules from Tory Burch they like I feel like if I was going to an office every day I would love these but since I’m not really working from an office anymore, I really I don’t need them.

I was really drawn into this beautiful Tory Burch bracelet so pretty like super classic. Just nice for like a nice art party.

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