Toys for Girls – 3 Year Old Toddler

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My daughter just became an official 3 year old toddler. She has been playing with these awesome toys for girls. She loves playing with dolls, Play Doh, science games, and dress up. She is loving princesses, mermaids and Star Wars.

Play Doh Kits 

This Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Frosting Fun Bakery Playset is extremely fun. My daughter loves to feel like she is baking like mommy. This allows you to make the cookies and frost them.


Kindle Fire for KidsKindle Fire Kids


Huggable & Dress Up Dolls

I found these really fantastic dolls called Groovy Girls from The Manhattan Toy Company. Now in their 18th year, Groovy Girls has encouraged kids to be exactly who they are – unique and amazing! For 2016, there’s something way outside the lines…completely new prints and patterns! Parent company Manhattan Toy® has added on-trend prints, patterns and nine new dolls to the Groovy Girls 2016 Spring Collection.



t277_04eb7dd338630007238ccd247d16bddf t440_1ab8a854aa83dbff53d8f442bb88948b t700_28cf35fdc31ac96acf954bdbcea8f162Princess Dolls

The Hasbro Princess Dolls are my favorite Barbie type doll. They are lightweight with pretty faces and hair.


Princess Dress Up

My daughter loves dressing up and playing pretend. You can find reasonably priced princess costumes here and if you are looking for some fancy ones you can get them here. We have a mix of both.


Cinderella-CostumeScience Games

Clifford The Big Red Dog Science Kits are pretty cool and help you teach your kids about science. Each themed kit has components for creating 10 different experiments. You can take a photo as each experiment is completed (perhaps wearing a white lab coat?) and then tape the picture on the spot on the poster. When done, a bragging-rights-worthy poster is ready for hanging on a cherished wall.

81t2LmKElfL._SL1500_ clifford the big red dog


These 5 minute stories are pretty awesome. She loves the Star Wars Stories and the 5 minute Princess Stories.

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You can Download these free Star Wars printables here to go with the books. 

Take sword fighting to the next level with this light saber. It features glowing blue blade, motion-sensor sounds, and battle-clash rumble effects. 

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