Transitioning Your Life From Winter to Spring

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Transitioning Your Life From Winter to Spring

Everywhere you look, you can see spring blossoming forth from the remains of winter. Daffodils and hyacinths are displaying colors and scents; trees are donning fresh new foliage. Grey skies are finally giving way to blue. Give your life some refreshment with the seasonal transition and discover ways to reinvigorate your wardrobe, home, and lifestyle this spring.

Working On Your Wardrobe

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Spring is a tricky transitional season that can leave you shifting from light breezy dresses to cozy sweaters with weather changes. Keep a few key pieces in your wardrobe to smooth over the weather shifts and make sure you’re on trend no matter the temperature and conditions. Several key items for the season include the following:

  • Lightweight jacket
  • Go-to pair of jeans
  • Colorful rain boots
  • Pastel purse
  • Light sweater or poncho

Swapping Your Textiles

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Changing out your pillow covers, throws, and curtains will instantly freshen your home from one season to the next. As an added bonus, this change will give you a chance to launder your linens and wash out dust, dirt, and allergens between seasons.

For spring, opt for light, airy window hangings. Sheer or lace curtains channel the breezy nature of the season. Switch your darker evergreen, navy, or scarlet hues for fresh mint, robin’s egg, or coral. Keep your core color palette, but change your accents as you move from cold to warm weather months so the house always feels fresh and inviting for your family and guests.

Freshening the Air


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Although the fresh spring air begs you to take a deep breath, the air may not always be as breathable as you’d like. Pollen is a prime problem during this season. Dust mites can cause trouble as well, particularly when you’re doing your spring cleaning.

Make sure your HVAC system has a fresh filter so it can properly remove these irritants as efficiently as possible. Change the filter in your vacuum cleaner as well, so you’re fully ready for the task of spring cleaning.

Keep the air smelling fresh with spring scents. Ditch the cinnamon and clove of winter and move to lighter aromas. Try lemon, cucumber, lavender, rose, or mint.

Refreshing Your Entryway


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Your entryway instantly welcomes guests and sets the stage for the rest of the home. Keep your home’s outdoor appearance fresh for spring with a colorful wreath. Try faux blossoms, candy-colored ribbons, dyed eggs, or fabric butterflies to set the right tone.

If you have time for a larger project, painting your door or entryway will give your home a clean touch. Depending on your climate, you may be able to put a few flowerpots filled with pansies and other cool-season annuals outdoors as well.

Welcome spring with open arms using these smart strategies to transition smoothly away from winter and get ready for spring. Whether you’re cleaning out the closet or cleaning your air conditioning filter, you’re sure to feel refreshed and renewed for spring living.

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