How to Travel with Kids

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We have been traveling with my daughter since she was a baby. After our most recent trip with her as a 4 year old (almost 5) was a slice of heaven in comparison to our last big trip flying out of state. The trip



How to Travel with Kids

Start Flying Early

Your kids will be easier to deal with and more pliable in the morning. Also, there are less likely to be delays in the morning if you take the first flight out. Also, getting an early start will get the ball rolling while the kids are more agreeable. Make sure everyone is wearing slip-on shoes with socks since most airports require that you take your shoes off in the security line.

Pack Snacks

You can pack snacks to keep your kid’s belly’s full and helps them be more easy-going. You never want a hangry child on your trip or in life in general.

Foldable Booster Seat

The Mi Fold Booster seat is the best way to travel with a lightweight and easy to carry booster seat so that you can be in and out of cabs or Ubers with ease. Check out the specs here.

Use Uber

Avoid Rushing

Rushing kids just does not work. Growing up, I remember always being rushed around Disney World and the rushing overshadowed my fun times. When we go to Disney and travel in general, we take a leisurely pace. This is a vacation, after all, rushing is extremely stressful.

Book Non-Stop Flights goes hand and hand with the no rushing concept. When you have a connecting flight, you are almost guaranteed to be rushing to the next one. This is something that I like to do anyway even when I am traveling alone. I have run from one end of an airport to another on too many occasions. I am getting too old for this Sh&% and prefer my travel to be more relaxing.

Don’t Overpack

The best way to avoid overpacking is to plan your outfits. A few days before the trip, I sat with my daughter to have her try on all the outfits that I was planning to pack. I found clothes that my daughter objected to and also some pieces that were stained or too small. It helped me narrow down the clothes for packing purposes. I like to coordinate the looks my daughter wears with my outfits .Find the best places to find Mommy and Daughter Matching Outfits here. 


We have found that the best option when traveling with kids is renting apartments on Airbnb because they have a kitchen where we can make food instead of eating out every meal. Have you tried Airbnb? If not, you can get money off your first stay with this referral code. This helps you save money on food and hotels during our travel with kids. Airbnb has more than one room so that you necessarily have to all sleep in one room. If you cannot find a place that you love with enough bed space, you can also pack a travel cot. This one from Joovy has been a lifesaver! Check it out on Amazon here.

Scope Out Local Parks

When planning my activities, especially plans that are not necessarily kid-focused, I like to know where the parks are so that I can use them as an incentive. This keeps my daughter looking forward to playing and keeps her on her best behavior during the adult activity. Positive reinforcement for being good is getting an hour of fun at the park.

Pack Entertainment

Make sure to pack entertainment for your kids to keep them entertained when things get boring.


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