Treat Your Dog like Harrison Ford

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Harrison Ford is my first child and loves his mommy more than anyone in the world. It is great to be loved this much, and his love definitely gives me a much-needed boost every day. He sleeps with me every night and sits next to me all day while I work. It is so sweet when he gives me his Cavalier hug when it has been longer than a few hours since I saw him last.

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I like to keep treats in the house for Harrison Ford so that when he is a good boy I can give him treats. I found these yummy treats from Pup-Peroni. They are made with real meat. Harrison loves them and has been begging for them since I bought them. Pup-Peroni is the treat for those of you that enjoy treating your dog.

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Beef Up Your Summer Giveaway

Take the Beef Up Your Summer quiz to learn about activities you can do with your dog this summer. Those who complete the quiz will be entered to win a curated box filled with up to $300 worth of toys & treats, including a one-year supply of Pup-Peroni dog treats, to help the owner & dog Beef Up Summer together.

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Each box will be curated in alignment with a theme stemming from the five results. Participants will only be eligible to win the prize box that matches the result they earned through the quiz Pup-Peroni will randomly select the five winners from all eligible submissions.

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