Vic and Angelo’s Restaurant Experience

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Recently my hubby and I got a night to ourselves and made it a point to head to Vic and Angelo’s restaurant in Delray Beach, FL. We had been interested in stopping by for ages. Finally, with our dear daughter under the watchful eye of her Nana, we were able to dine. I am Italian, and it has been ages since I’ve had an amazing Italian meal like the one that I had that evening at Vic and Angelo’s.vic-angelos-8-of-20


Shrimp Scampi

We started off with a Shrimp Scampi that was sautéed in lemon butter sauce and served on top of ciabatta bread with broccoli rabe, tomatoes, and garlic. My husband is not much of a shrimp fan unless it is in the “bang bang” variety, and he gobbled it down, loving every bite. The shrimp was large Tiger Shrimp from Greece! This starter is probably enough for those with a small appetite. However, we ventured forth in our culinary experience. Our waiter paired the shrimp scampi with a Newton Chardonnay from California.

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Tableside Mozzarella and Meatball

One of the trademarks of Vic and Angelo’s is the tableside mozzarella. If you are only going to get one thing when you visit, it HAS to be the mozzarella. A cheese maker rolled her cart next to our table and mixed the curds together to make the cheese. It was then served on a plate that had prosciutto, ciabatta bread, tomato with pesto, and arugula. There was also a balsamic reduction for dipping. With this dish, our waiter served me a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

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Then there was a meatball. This was not some tiny little meatball. This was a meatball the size of a softball. And the taste was outrageous. The problem with everything being so good, is that it makes it tough to pick what you want on a return visit.



Vic and Angelo’s uses a coal oven to cook their pizza. The dough is made three days before being used, and it sits three hours before cooking it. The flavor of the dough was quite tasty, and the pizza was an overall delicious experience. The cheese they use is low fat, and the pizza ends up with less grease but has a load of flavor.


The Entree

The main entree was a 14 Oz. Center Cut Veal Chop. The meat was so flavorful and delicious. You know feeling when meat is perfectly prepared and cooked and feels like it melts in your mouth? The veal was served in an iron skillet which made for a very fresh plating.

Tiramisu for Dessert

We were stuffed beyond belief by the time we got to dessert. But then we saw that there was Tiramisu. Like Jello, There is always room for tiramisu! I’m glad we went for it because it was just the caffeinated, sugary pick-me-up that we needed before hitting the road – with plenty of leftovers to share!



Vic and Angelo’s is located in Delray Beach, FL and is an amazing Italian culinary experience. You can also check that them out at their other location in Palm Beach Gardens.

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