Vixen Workout Cover Girl Bombshelling Event

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Vixen Workout Cover Girl #Bombshelling Event

I was so lucky to attend the Vixen Workout Cover Girl #Bombshelling Event a few weeks ago. OMG I have never felt so fabulous working out before. The Vixen Workout with the Vixen Army made me feel like Beyonce! I want to do it more often, but the closest workout spot to me is Pembroke Pines and that is way too far. I am still planning on getting down there for at least one workout per week.

Vixen Army Miami Event

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The Vixen Workout was created by Janet Jones AKA “Twerkmander-in-Chief” AKA “BAWSE” in Rick Ross Voice. Her professional dance career started as a Miami Heat Dancer in the 2000 & 2001 seasons. She then continued her career as a professional dancer dancing on live stage performances, award shows, tours, and videos for various Hip-Hop, Latin, and Pop Stars. She left her dance career in 2008 in search of some stability and spent almost 4 years in a corporate job. The drastic change in lifestyle became extremely hard to manage and Janet fell victim to what happens to most women juggling it all… She lost herself. After being laid off in 2012, she opened a dance studio September 2012 to teach children dance. In order to make extra income she wanted to create an adult fitness class to bring in a different clientele but hadn’t quite figured out WHAT. A night out withgirlfriends inspired the idea to give women a safe haven to be a little rebellious with no judgments while working out, and having the ultimate ME time.

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The Vixen Workout is an Intense Hip-Hop Cardio that burns 400 to 600 per class for New Vixens and 1000 calories for Veteran Vixens. The moves are inspired by those performed by your favorite artists and the Miami nightlife.  It is a women’s only Dance Workout is extremely easy to learn. I was able to follow along with great ease and I am usually stumbling all over myself trying to follow along in Zumba and dance classes.
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ach Vixen Workout creates a fun club atmosphere where women can let loose, forget responsibilities, and transform into their “alter-ego” or as we say “getting your Beyonce, Ciara, Rihanna on”. Women complete intense muscle toning movements hidden by clever choreography, loud music, and fun! It’s awesome-sauce!

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At the Vixen Workout Cover Girl Miami Event, all the attendees got to try out the new line Bombshell Makeup including the awesome Cover Girl Bombshell Volume by LashBlast Mascara that everyone got to take home! I reviewed mine here. Janet wants attendees to look fabulous while they are #bombshelling in Cover Girl makeup and sneaker wedges.

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Vixen Army Miami Event

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Follow along with the Vixens using hashtag #vixenarmy on InstagramFacebook and Twitter to see the army of women who have become addicted to the Vixen Workout and the weight they have lost by simply having fun. Be a part of our Vixen Army!

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Sign up for a Vixen Workout classes all over Miami, Pembroke Pines, Davie, Tampa, and New York City NOW! New Vixen’s burn 500 to 600 calories per class and Veteran Vixen’s burn 1000!

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