Wall Collage Ideas

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Since I moved into my first house with my husband, I’ve been having decorating indecision. I loved decorating all my apartments and did it within weeks of moving in. I am not sure if it is motherhood or just the permanence of owning a home that has kept my walls empty. That’s why I am so excited that I finally took the plunge and bought some art for my living room. I found a ton of pieces that I love on the Minted website while I was picking out my Christmas Cards.

Wall Collage Ideas
Minted has an amazing search engine so that you can match your decor and styles you love. I used the search engine to narrow down the photos to blue art and then found 2 large pieces that I liked. Afterwards, I narrowed down the art to smaller landscape paintings to find one that would go with the layout that I wanted.Then, you can choose the frame, the size of the print, and whether you want a border. We choose to add a border with a plain white frame around all the art to keep cohesive and so that the art would stand out. Some of the frames like the one below make me really want to mix it up.

Malibu Surf and Sky II Art Print


You get to learn about the artist and find out where they are from. It is cool being able to know that there is real person and story behind the art in your home.

Sea & Sky

This painting is by Naomi Ernest. She is an artist and photographer inspired by the rural landscapes of Michigan, which she continues to call home. Naomi is utterly devoted to her dear little family; she has a husband, five children, and a very old farmhouse— filled with art and books— in which to live.

I love that this piece is minimal and modern and remind me of the sea and sky.


Sky Pebbles 5

Sky Pebble 5 is inspired by the serene beauty of sea-polished beach pebbles, this series evokes the realms of earth, sea and sky through the use of petal-like dyed paper cut outs. My work centers on feeling, rather than ideology. Drawn to quietness, subtlety and understatement, I want to evoke the mood and luminosity that coastal light and organic form inspire. Jenny Phillips was striving for simplicity and a meditative quality. The painting is so fantastic and it makes me feel serene every time I see it.

Jenny Phillips

Custom Photo Art Gift

For the fourth piece of the wall collage, I wanted to add a beautiful photo of my daughter that I took. I found a photo that had a little blue in it and edited so that my daughter would stand out and the background would be lighter and go with the decor. Minted has a ton of fun prints that you can add you own photos too. I like adding a custom one like this so that the wall collage feels more mine and special.

Blown up art photo print

Great Gifts

Minted art prints and art gifts are the perfect gift for the holidays. If you can’t think of anything for your family to get you, you can send them the measurement of the art you would like and give them a few options. They will feel privileged to be adding art to your walls. The foil pressed photo art are some of my favorites!

Foil Pressed Art

Foil Pressed Art

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