Wardrobe Malfunction Survival Kit & How to Deal with Wardrobe Malfunctions with Grace

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Wardrobe Malfunction Survival Kit & How to Deal with Wardrobe Malfunctions with Grace was made possible as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars and o.b.® tampons. #OBelievers

As a business entrepreneur, I am constantly being told not to be afraid of making mistakes, because when building a business you can learn from the mistakes you commit. What if one of the mistakes you make while building your business is an embarrassing one, like a wardrobe malfunction, for example? Dealing with a wardrobe malfunction can as much about fixing it and how you deal with it discreetly.

April Golightly

How You Deal With Embarrassment Says A Lot

You can either make a big deal about it, or you can roll with the punches. By choosing to act with grace and discretion, you can minimize your embarrassment and show good character.

The way to minimize the impact of wardrobe malfunctions is to keep an extra set of clothing in your car (or bag if you are car-less) at all times. If your heel breaks, you have an extra pair in the car. If you have a stain or a tear, you can always change. I have to admit that I don’t always plan to have extra clothes in the car, but since I don’t usually have time to clean it out, there’s always a few pairs of shoes and clothes in there.

Adora Bag

Do Onto Others as You Would have them Do unto You

If you see someone in a potentially embarrassing situation, by all means tell them discreetly without trying to embarrass them. Deliver the news gently, respectfully, and quietly. But, deliver it nonetheless.

If you want to be able to save the day when people have issues, you can share your wardrobe mishap survival kit with people in need.

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Wardrobe Malfunction Survival Kit


Bobbie Pins & Hair Ties – Just in case hair is out of control
o.b.® PRO COMFORT® Regular tampons – They are extremely small and can be palmed so that you can share them and use them discreetly.
Breathe Mints – Were their onions on your salad today?
Floss – Used just in case something gets stuck in your teeth
Deodorant – Just in case it gets too hot
Baby Wipes – Used to clean up on messes that might occur
Tide Pen – Used to treat stain so that they don’t set in
Small Sewing Kit  with a few extra buttons
Extra Clothes & Shoes – Any rips or stains that cannot be remedied with a quick clean up
Dry Shampoo – Whenever my hair is looking oily, this saves me.


I will be sharing how o.b.® tampons fits into my life in the upcoming months. To see what other bloggers are doing or if you want to show how they fit into your life, follow and tag #OBelievers.

How do o.b.® tampons make your life easier?

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