We Named the DOG Harrison Ford

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Whether Harrison Ford was playing Indiana Jones, Han Solo, or Dr. Richard Kimble, I was entranced by his charisma and wit.  All my friends had crushes on Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp.  They are both good looking guys, but  they are no Harrison Ford! Harrison’s smirk was enough to have me watching his movies until the VHS tapes stopped working.  

My fiance is also a huge fan of Harrison Ford.  His love for Harrison Ford is less about astestics and more about his acting ability. Since we are both fans of the actor Harrison Ford, naming our puppy Harrison Ford was the obvious choice! Never mind that I am slowly realizing my little girl crush would never materialize into an actual relationship.  I wanted to retain some sort of “make believe” connection to him.

Now, I get to sleep with Harrison Ford every night!  In fact, the actor’s name has lost all meaning for me. If someone says Harrison Ford is on TV, I immediately think, why is my puppy on TV? Look at that face! He is even adorable when he is tired!

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