What to Pack in a Carry On Bag

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It is travel time again for most of the Country. Usually, we stay put during the holidays and have family come to us. After all, this is the best time to be in Florida. We have 70 degree days while the rest of the U.S. is freezing. Will will be heading out of town for a long weekend this year, and I figured that I would put together a list of what I pack in my carry-on for my toddler and me. Luckily she is potty trained so this list is what I would carry for myself even if my toddler were not coming along.



I usually bring along a tablet and a phone so that my daughter and I can both watch something on the plane. The night before the trip, I download books or TV shows that I want to watch on the trip. Even if your flight has a TV, you never know if it will be broken or will have something you like. Don’t get caught bored or worse yet, let your toddler get bored.


Don’t forget your headphone and headphones for your kids. They are small and won’t take up any space. Also, a battery booster is always nice to have around. Here are some more tips for gear you should pack on a family tour. 


I usually also bring my camera in my carry on. This is not because I will be taking photos, it is because it is precious cargo and I don’t trust baggage handlers to handle with care.

Good Snacks

Good snacks are necessary when flying. The snacks at the airport are overpriced, and you don’t want to be forced to buy something with unvetted ingredients. I’ve found that the only way to know what I am eating is to bring it with me. Nuts and bars are the easiest snacks to grab and pack in a carry on bag. They taste and smell great so that you and the other passengers will be happy. I hate when the person next to me brings something stinky to eat on the plane. Be courteous and avoid beef jerky or anything with onions.


Allergy Meds

During the holiday, my allergies are in full swing. I always keep allergy meds on me. I keep the separately wrapped pills in my bag and even one stuffed in my wallet as a break in case of emergency medicine for when I only have my wallet. You don’t want to be caught without your antihistamine. You’ll end up making a detour to find a CVS spending family time at the store rather than drinking hot cocoa next to a warm fire.


Pain Relief

Carrying all the bags and probably your toddler at some point is bound to cause pain. Keep the relief in your carry on, by packing a small bottle of pain relief meds. Also, keep children’s pain reliever on hand just in case your toddler gets a fever.

packing-carry-on-1-of-6 packing-carry-on-3-of-6Sanitizer

Bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer to keep you healthy during your flight. There are germs everywhere. I like to sanitize and then moisturize. It keeps my skin in good shape during the flight. The air in the plane can be so drying. My skin hates it so much! Drink lots of water, take an air shield to boost your immunity, keep hydrated, and to ward off the germs during your flight.


Pashmina & Pillow

Bring a large scarf or pashmina that will double as a blanket. Bring a travel pillow for both you and your toddler so you can nap as comfortable as possible while you are visiting.

Carry On Checklist

Tablet (pre-downloaded shows and books)
Tablet Charger & Cable
Phone Charger & Cable
Battery Boost
Allergy Meds
Pain Relief Meds
Hand Sanitizer
Hand Lotion
Air Sheild
Travel Pillow

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