What to Wear to an Art Event

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One of the greatest things about Miami is that it brings serious art to Florida. Before I discovered Art Basel, I was starved for art and only got to see it in my travels to New York and abroad. The rest of Florida tries to forget that Miami exists, but luckily I was able to live there for a while and discovered the real Miami. There is much more to Miami than just the Ocean Drive Strip and South Beach Clubs. Art Basel is one of Miami gems that basically shuts down the town to let art take over. It really is fabulous!


I have been to several art walks and to Art Basel once before and found that I need some seriously comfortable shoes because looking at art requires a whole lot of walking. The main thing about dressing for art shows is be yourself. I chose a more boho feel this year as I was feeling fat and need to cover some extra tummy. Also, for some reason it was cold out this week. If you are traveling for anywhere where it is actually cold in the winter, you would have been fine! I am just a Floridian that cannot have bear legs when it is below 78 degrees fahrenheit.






As with all events in Miami, some people do go overboard. Be ready for the madness! For Basel, it is as much a fashion show as an art show. If you want attention, feel free to wear your oddest outfit.




Check out what I wore last year to Art Basel. Which do you prefer?


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