What’s In My Bag: Tory Burch Tote

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Since my daughter has been potty trained, I have made an effort to avoid big bags. But, this Tory Burch tote has been calling my name for a while and so has the need to bring along much need items to meetings and lunch and learn luncheons.

Today, I am heading off to a lunch and learn at a local furniture store and want to be able to bring my tablet, keyboard, and keyboard stand. I also want to bring water and something to snack on since I will be out all day. Lately, I have been making a concentrated effort to stay hydrated to help my body stay energized and help with weight loss to fend off food cravings. I have heard that thirst is often confused with hunger or food cravings. When I have a water on hand, I can keep the cravings at bay.


Water also helps with my acne. If I can remember to drink water, my breakouts are contained to the week before my period. I prefer water because I love the look of the bottle (silly I know) and it has FIJI Water has 100% naturally-occurring electrolytes.

My only problem with water is that every time I am at the grocery store and pass the drink aisle, I think about having to lug the water in and out of the car. I always decide to leave the water at the store and as a result, I end up dehydrated. I have finally found a solution. It is having water delivered to my house. This way it comes straight to my door and my husband can put it away for me. The FIJI Water Home Delivery is convenient, helps you save money and the shipping is FREE. Learn more about the FIJI Water delivery service HERE.


Here is the list of what I have in my Tote:

Bottle FIJI Water

Small Bag of Almonds

Apple Sauce Pouch


Foldable Tablet Holder


Micro 4/3 Camera in a Camera Bag


Cell Phone





What can you fit in your tote bag?


Sharing is caring!

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