2013 Tiny Prints Holiday Collection

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2013 Tiny Prints Holiday Collection

This post was created in partnership with Tiny Prints and Mom It Forward. I have used them for several important moments in my life including my baby shower and birth announcements. As always, all opinions are my own.

Next week I am getting together with 9 other local bloggers to learn more talk about the 2013 Tiny Prints Holiday Collection. I have been planning it for a few weeks and we are going to have a blast! There will be prizes, dinner, and most importantly FRIENDS, both new and old!

2013 Tiny Prints Holiday Collection

Tiny Prints has awesome holiday card styles this year! There are a few awesome holiday styles that are trending this year, including: All That GlittersBold Expressions; Simply Chic. Woodland Wonder; The New Tradition and Ornament Card. I cannot decided which I want to use this year. We are having a family photo shoot in 2 weeks and that will probably dictate the card. I picked out a few that I like below so that I have jumping off point when the pictures come in. I am only showing the front of the cards, but the backs are just as cool. Click on them to see the back! The Tiny Prints cards actually gave me ideas for the family photo shoot. I sent one over to my photographer to see if she could make it happen.

1. All That Glitters: These cards are designed with a look of glitter without the mess.

All That Glitters

2. Bold Expressions: These holiday cards puts together festive sentiments and primary colors.


3. Simply Chic: Simple Elegance and Classy cards.

Simply Chic

4. Woodland Wonder: Enchanted nature themed cards.


5. The New Tradition: Traditional holiday color mixed with grays and blues.

new traditional

6. Ornament Card: These cards can be hung from a tree or anything really. I could see this hanging from a door way as well.

Ornament Card

There are so many trim options for your holiday card! You can get square, rounded, ticket, scalloped, and bracket. If you are concerned about getting the square cards because of  the extra postage associated with it, Tiny Prints has you covered as they provide complimentary envelopes that allow you to use the regular postage amount. I love square cards, but refuse to spend extra for a square envelope. Tiny Prints gives you a choice between square or rectangular.

You can also choose the paper you would like to use from Signature Matte, Signature Semi-Gloss, Studio Basics Semi-Gloss, Pearl White Shimmer, and Premium Double Thick Matte. I have tried the signature matte and the premium double thick matte. Both are awesome, but if you have the means, the double matte definitely makes a statement.

There are 4 other bloggers hosting Tiny Prints Holiday Parties next week: Chicago Area: Kris from Little Tech Girl; Houston Area: Rachel from Following In My Shoes; Los Angeles Area: Pauline from Club ChicaCircle; and New York Area: Krissy from B-Inspired Mama. Check out these awesome chicas!

 You can buy Tiny Prints Holiday cards here.

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Which type of holiday card is your favorite?

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  1. Ooooh! I need to get on ordering my Christmas cards. First, I need to get a family picture taken. Oh! My! Too much to do. So little time. 🙂

  2. I want every one of these now! They are such cute ideas that it would be impossible to choose but I guess I need to get on that! Thanks for all the great ideas!


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