2016 Fall Fashion Trends Guide

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After months of super hot weather, I am beyond ready for fall. Of course, my luck, we are usually the last to feel the effects of fall down here in South Florida. I will be traveling some this fall so I will be lucky enough to feel it elsewhere in my travels.

I recent went to a 100% Bloomingdale’s Blogger Brunch to discuss the new fall trends and the 100% Bloomingdales designer collaborations available exclusively at Bloomingdales store and online. I am excited to share some of my favorite fall trends with you and some of the awesome 100% Bloomingdales pieces I just cannot get out of my head.


The 90s are back in a big way this fall. OMG I feel like I am in high school all over again! Do you remember the grunge look? I was definitely sporting it and all through my high school years! Here are some of the trends that have resurfaced for fall!


I am not sure about chokers on me, but I LOVE it on others. I need to try it out and see how I feel.

Fall Trend Chokers

Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are back and Bloomingdales has a 100% Bloomingdales one that is so chic! This Sandro – Silencio Embellished Bomber Jacket is exclusive to Bloomingdales.

Embellished Bomber JacketThis Bomber Jackets in military would go perfectly in a neutral wardrobe for fall.

90s bomber jacket look  Army Green Bomber Jacket

Combat Boots

Plaid Obsessed

VelvetPlaid Fall Trend


Backpacks are coming back along with the other 90s looks. I love them because you can be hands free and focus on life rather than carrying a purse. I like the ones with a long top strap that makes it easier to carry on your arm when you are grabbing your wallet.

Long Strap Backpack Animal Prints

I’ve always been an animal print gal so you know that I was jumping for joy when I saw a wall of leopard at the blogger brunch. I bought this classic Ralph Lauren blazer last week because it is my favorite cut and if you roll up the sleeves it has leopard peeking out.

Leopard Pumps

Leopard Print Bow Pumps

Animal Print Dress


Cashmere Wrap


The Camera Bag

Camera bags are the new it bag type for fall. They are boxy and look like they could fit a small camera nicely. I bought this Rebecca Minkoff one a few months ago and love it. Now, I want a bigger one like one of these. Which one do you prefer?

Tassel Camera Bag

screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-2-24-14-pmLarge Shoulder Camera Bag

screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-2-26-28-pmLarge Brooklyn Camera Bag

 screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-2-26-53-pm screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-2-27-03-pm

screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-2-27-11-pmRetro Power Dressing

Tie Neck

Tie neck tops and dresses are hot for fall. I just styled a great office look for one of my clients with an awesome tie neck blouse. This is a look that I have been loving for quite some time and now that it is on trend, I will be able to find more awesome pieces that I love! Score!!! This 100% Bloomingdales dress is on my wish list!

Mary Janes

Power dressing has never been so comfortable. Mary Janes are back from 90s with their chunky heels for maximized walkability. With a plaid mini, mary janes, and tie neck blouse, you will be brought right back to the Clueless days of As If and Whatever!

mary janes Cold Shoulder

The cold shoulder top is holding on strong this season which is awesome because it is one of my favorite things! To me, this is a 90s look as well, but I am hoping that the top transcends the trends and become a staple. Aqua is making a ton of awesome tops at reasonable price points. This cold shoulder top is only $78.


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