Emergency Winter Wardrobe

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You might think that South Floridians don’t need a winter wardrobe. Well, you would be wrong. Earlier this year I was smacked in the face by winter in Orlando at Disney World. We had been planning a family trip to Disney World for quite some time, and I was not going to admit defeat no matter what the weather channel said! I have been fooled by weather reports in the past and after all, this is Orlando…it doesn’t get cold there! Well, I can tell you after spending 3 – 30 below days in Disney World that it does get cold in Disney World! As a South Floridian, I was unprepared for this cold weather. At the time, my winter wardrobe consistent of 3 sweaters and a thin beanie hat. I wore all these items and was still freezing. That is why I am sharing with my emergency winter wardrobe for the South Floridian that doesn’t think they need one.

Good Solid Jeans

First, start by getting jeans that don’t have any holes in them. In winter, jeans with holes just do not work when the weather drops below freezing.

Non-Slip Boots

Grab a pair of boots that are slip resistant so that you can walk in rain or snow without worrying about slipping.

Christian Siriano Over the Knee Boots-0738 Stylish Rain Boots and umbrella

Lined Hat

Keep your head warm under a wool hat lined with fleece. I am obsessed with the offerings from RELLA. Their catalog makes me wish I lived in a cooler climate. Instead of moving, I will try to do more cold weather traveling this year.


rella-hats-17-of-22 rella-hats-18-of-22


Lined Mittens

Grab matching mittens from RELLA. These excellent Mittens are wool with fleece lining. This combination makes for the warmest hands.rella-hats-14-of-22 rella-hats-13-of-22 rella-hats-21-of-22

Slouchy Scarf

I generally say go for a pashmina, but after seeing this awesome slouchy scarf from RELLA, I say skip the pashmina and go for a legit scarf.


For days when you don’t need the scarf, opt for a warm headband made of wool lined with fleece.
rella-hats-10-of-22 rella-hats-11-of-22 rella-hats-9-of-22 rella-hats-1-of-22

Tight Knit Sweater

Make sure to that the sweater is tightly knit and long enough to cover the top of your jeans.


J.Jill Pullover Sweater-0090

Lined Coat

Get a coat! Serious blazers are a joke when real weather comes!


Wool Socks

Wools socks keep you the warmest by far. No matter how war a pair of boots are if you are wearing cotton socks you will still be cold. Wool is just an awesome insulator and dries faster than cotton.

Winter Vest

Winter vests are for those in between times in cold weather when a coat is too much. You can layer a vest over a tunic or the knit sweater and even a sweater dress if you are feeling brave.

Karen Kane Vest -1973

Long Tunic

Long tops and tunics are the best way to layer in the winter. Short tops are just the worst for this weather. You can do everything right, and if there is a small space between your top and back, you will be freezing.

Pure Jill Tunic #JJillInspiredStyle

Flannel Shirt

I am so excited that this fine fabric is back in style! Yay for the comeback of the 1990s! Flannel is an impressive and stylish layering piece. Here is an awesome style guide for wearing flannel.

City Place April Golightly-0188

I hope you enjoyed my emergency winter wardrobe guide. It comes from freezing my butt off in cold weather and being unprepared for the cold. You can only truly enjoy a cold weather vacation when you are appropriately dressed. When I packed for Utah in February, I was fully prepared, but the February in New York I was miserable because I dressed for Florida cold weather and not New York cold weather. Fingers crossed, I will be using these tips and sporting this gear on Rhine River in December!

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2 thoughts on “Emergency Winter Wardrobe”

  1. oh how i love your blog i got you off of linky party #100 of mostly blogging … i love this post you would think since i am a new englander i know cold weather garb. but us bostonians need a refreshener once and a while… we get lazy or wishful or something loopy 🙂 well maybe it is me… the mittens are a wonderful to have more than gloves mostly I feel… also non slip boots some people just care for style… ok have to go great visit here. blessings donna mare from R&R
    this says i am @donnade… but it is incorrect oh who cares I need to change that @donnamarie0503 🙂

  2. I can totally relate to your cold Disney trip. We got caught in sleet and snow at Dollywood several years ago, unprepared for that weather and shopped in a store there which was surprisingly affordable. Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday.


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