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During the day at work, I am always looking for Lunch Ideas that I can grab with worrying that I will overeat or overspend. You can easily overeat with so many take out options. Also, overspending is extremely easy with lunch costing anywhere from $7.oo to $12.00!! That adds up to $60 per week and $240 per month! You could buy a few pairs of shoes by bringing your lunch!

Healthy Choice Simply Café Steamer are one of my favorite options for lunch ideas that save you money and calories at $2.00 per meal at Walmart this week! Normally, they are still a great deal sold at around $3.29. All Healthy Choice meals are made with real ingredients and no preservatives, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing taste or freshness. Since the ingredients aren’t frozen in the sauce, they have a fresh, more vibrant taste. Unlike other frozen meals, Healthy Choice Café Steamers’ feature a unique tray-in-tray steam cooking method that delivers fresh-tasting meals with crisp vegetables and juicy proteins. It also gives you the chance to be a part of the culinary experience as you pour your sauce, determining how much or how little flavor you want with your meal.

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The Healthy Choice Simply Café Steamer are one of my faves too! With 100 percent natural proteins and absolutely no artificial ingredients, Healthy Choice Simply Café Steamers uses are steamed to transform simple ingredients into vibrant, crisp vegetables and juicy proteins for a delicious, fresh taste. The Simply varieties are part of the brand’s Café Steamers line, the first and only meals featuring a tray-in-tray steam cooking method that separates ingredients during heating to unlock freshness you can see and taste. This is such a simple, but genius way to keep the ingredients fresh.

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The Healthy Choice Simply Café Steamers line contains nearly a dozen meals, all with less than 310 calories and more than 18 grams of 100-percent natural protein. Check out these awesome flavors: Meatball Marinara, Chicken Fried Rice, Grilled Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo, Chicken & Vegetable Stir Fry and Grilled Pesto & Vegetables.

Healthy Choice is the only major brand in the frozen meals section that can call 100% of its products “healthy” as approved by the FDA. Visit or to learn more. Find Healthy Choice Café Steamers in the freezer aisle at grocery stores nationwide for the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $3.29.

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