10 Reasons Tieks are Awesome

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I feel like I have been seeing tieks all over the internet for a while now. They are everywhere – Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest! I have been curious for quite some time and then my curiousity came out in form of twenty questions to my friend Candy from Candy Polooza (love that blog name!)when I saw her wearing them in LA recently. She was very excited to share these amazing shoes with me.

I have put together a list of why Tieks are so awesome for you to help bring more comfort and style to your life just like Candy did for me. You can read Candy’s take on her first pair of Tieks here!

1. Flexibility

The flexibility of the shoe makes it more comfortable. It allows the shoes to mold to the shape of the foot. I always found flats uncomfortable and now I realize why…they were inflexible. The flexibility is key for sustained comfort!

Poise Impressa-2-2

2. Packability

Tieks easily fold and come with a cute bag so that you can pack them in any bag. They make packing for a trip so easy! You will have a lot more room for shopping while you are traveling because your shoes will not be taking up half your bag. Each pair of Tieks comes with a reusable nylon tote in our signature Tiek Blue color. The tote unfolds into a perfectly sized travel bag to transport your favorite heels.

Poise Impressa-7

3. Foldability

The foldablity of the ballet flats help with comfort and packing. It also helps you bring flats where ever you go. I like to wear heels for a bit and then switch to flats if I need to. I keep tieks in my bag inside the little pouch that that came in the Tieks box. Each pair of Tieks comes with a compact pouch that is designed to easily compress folded Tieks for quick and convenient storage during travel, or whenever you need a little extra space.

4. Fantastic Fit

The fit of these shoes are immediately awesome. There is no breaking in time needed. You don’t need to be in pain to break them in the way you do with other flats.

Poise Impressa-1 Poise Impressa-5

5. Great Color Choices

The color choices are endless on Tieks.com. They have so many choices that I could just own all of then and never wear another pair of shoes again. You can see all the colors on their site. I am torn between the lavender and mint patent leather ballet flats.

6. Signture Sole

The signature sole is what got me talking with Candy about her shoes in the first place. It is such an amazing color that makes me smile every time I see it. The signature soles of Tieks are not only happiness makers, they are also non-skid to help prevent you from slipping.

7. Customer Service

The customer service is on their game! They answer questions quickly and with professionalism. The shipping was lightening fast and it kept me up to date while it was in route.

8. 100% Supple Italian Leather

The leather looks and feels amazing! The shoes are made from 100% Italian leather!

9. Comfort

The shoes have comfort foam interior and cushioned back. They are extremely comfortable to start with and get more comfortable as you wear them because they mold to your feet. The shoes are worth every penny because at the end of the day my feet are not screaming in pain!

It is no surprise that these shoes have such great craftsmanship.  It takes 3 days and over 150 steps to make a single pair of Tieks ballet flats.

10. Easy to Keep Clean

If you get these babies dirty, all you have to do is wipe to get the dirt off.

You can get your own pair of Tieks at their aptly named Boutiek!

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