4 Ways to Improve the Storage in Your Kitchen

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Apartment kitchens are notoriously small, with just a limited amount of storage space. If you’re struggling to find the space you need for glasses, plates and pantry items, there are several ways you can increase your kitchen cabinets’ storage capabilities.


Add Organizers Inside Cabinets

Hit up your local homewares or storage solution store for kitchen organizers that can help make the most of the space in your cabinets. Tiered plate organizers are a great idea, because they help you utilize the space at the top of each section in your cabinet while keeping plates accessible. Most stores also sell chrome cup or mug organizers which simply slip onto the base of a cabinet shelf. Then simply hook each mug or cup’s handle through the wire arms.


Options like these are ideal for renters because they can be used in your cabinets, then removed without leaving any tell-tale marks. That’ll please your landlord, and allow you to take your organizers with you when you move out of your apartment.

Install Storage Inside Doors


Image via Flickr by Rubbermaid Products

Most people only make use of the space on the shelves inside their kitchen cabinets. You needn’t be limited to just this space if you add storage options inside the cabinet doors. Cut an acrylic storage tub in half, screw it into the door, and you’ve got a clever tub for storing a variety of items. 

You could add a rack for cutting boards or even a knife block to hide your knives away from children. While you are sprucing things up consider adding one of the CopperSmith Range Hoods to bring a whole new look to your kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home and you can’t go wrong making it as comfortable as possible. Range hoods come at affordable prices, so if you can make room in your budget for it go ahead and do so.

Install Drawers Under the Sink

All too often the space under the sink is wasted because people are unsure how to work around the plumbing. However, if you’ve got a bit of DIY know-how you can create a clever set of drawers. You won’t have space for traditional rectangular drawers, so instead try U-shaped versions with cut-outs for the sink’s pipes. Use your unique custom drawers for the items you need to keep your kitchen clean, like trash liner bags, rubber gloves, dish brushes, and dishwashing liquid.  

Add Hanging Storage

Putting storage aids inside your kitchen cabinets isn’t the only way you can increase their storage capabilities. Think outside the box and add some hanging storage to the base of your overhead cabinets for even more space.

Place the lid of a Mason jar on a piece of scrap wood and drive a nail through to put a hole in the lid. Using the prepared hole as a guide, screw the lid to the underside of your cabinet. Complete these steps until you have a row of Mason jar lids. Fill the jars with rice, candies, or other small kitchen items, and screw them onto the secured lids for a unique storage system. 

Remember that apartment dwellers are often subject to more restrictions than people who live in single-family homes. Discuss your plans with your landlord to make sure they don’t violate your tenancy agreement before proceeding. While you’re typically not supposed to make large changes in your apartment, your landlord may consent if you’re improving the property’s value.

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5 thoughts on “4 Ways to Improve the Storage in Your Kitchen”

  1. Super helpful ideas! I really like the first one with the bins. Everything looks so nice and tidy. I think I’ll need to try that in my pantry!

    Nicole | The Professional Mom Project

  2. My kitchen only has two drawers, one that works well. I purchased a bunch of plastic drawers and put them in cabinets. The big ones under my sink are perfect for kitchen linens. I love the idea of hanging storage inside cabinets! (visiting from Welcome Home Wednesday)

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