DIY Manicure Pedicure Kit with Free Printable

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My friend is about to have a baby. When she invited me to her baby shower, I decided to make her a gift for her along with a few gifts for the new baby. When new moms have babies, it is tough to get pedicures at the salon. I remember trying with my daughter, and it was a literal nightmare. I would highly recommend doing it yourself with this DIY Manicure Pedicure Kit and skipping the salon visit this summer.

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I included everything you might need for an at home pedicure in my DIY Manicure Pedicure Kit. That includes cute summer nails polish colors, cuticle pusher, cuticle clipper, nail clippers, a nail file, toe separators, Amopé Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry™ Rechargeable Foot File, Avocado Foot Mask, and cucumber eye-mask to put over your eyes as your feet soak. 

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I chose the coolest nail polishes colors that are perfect for a new mom that wants to look fabulous and ahead of the curve on the summer trends. My daughter and I had the best time giving ourselves pedicures on the patio with a large tub outside. You can include a big tub as part of your gift basket as well.

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Amope Pedi Perfect

The new Amopé Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry™ Rechargeable Foot File. Amopé™ takes the at home pedicure to the next level. Amopé makes it easy to expertly buff away dry, hard skin in an instant anywhere even in the tub or shower. It’s like having a professional pedicurist at your beck and call. Just beautiful, touchably soft feet all year long. And the confidence to step into every moment with your best foot forward.

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Benefits of the Amopé Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry™ Rechargeable Foot File

  • Waterproof – You can use it in the shower or bath
  • Rechargeable – You can recharge your foot file without having to spend money on batteries
  • Cordless – You can bring it with you wherever you go
  • Dual-speed settings – For superior control even on wet or tough skin
  • Ergonomic, lightweight design – For greater control & experience
  • Rounded, abrasive roller-head design – For a safe & painless experience
  • Replaceable, dual-purpose roller-head -For both wet and dry skin usage


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Soft Feet 

  • First, it is easy to get started. Before use, fully charge the foot file using the provided charging dock and cable.
  • Simple Operation: Turn on by pressing the on/off button. Use the top button to switch between low and high speed. For use on dry skin, use the low speed. For use on wet or extra tough skin, use the high speed. Gently glide the roller head over hard skin for no longer than 3 to 4 seconds in one area. If too much pressure is applied the unit will stop. Continue with regular passes until the dead skin exfoliates and your feet are silky soft. Recharge after every use.
  • Moisturize after Use: Wipe/rinse to remove any excess dead skin and thoroughly dry feet.
  • Individualize Your Treatment: Use in successive sessions until your feet feel soft and are free from dry, hard skin. Treatment length is different for each individual and their personal lifestyle.

DIY Footmask

I made a DIY Avocado Foot mask that makes your feet extremely soft and moisturized after you use the Amopé Foot File. It is an extremely easy Avocado Foot mask recipe that you can make for your friends. I also made a cute free printable gift tag that you can print by clicking here. Don’t worry about printing the tags on your own, I always get colored free printable tags printed at FedEx by submitting online and picking up later.

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