DIY Bath Bombs

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Mother’s Day has shifted from a day where I celebrate my mom to a day where I celebrate with my mom, daughter and sister. The larger the family grows the more moms we add. It is crazy to consider someday my daughter will be a mom! That is a long way off considering she is only three years old. This year my daughter and I made gifts for my mom, myself and my sister. It was an extremely fun experience making these bath bombs with her!

Bath Bomb DIY Tutorial (3 of 9)We started the Mother’s Day crafting with a shopping trip to Target. Before we found all the DIY Bath Bomb ingredients, we stopped at the Target card section. It’s filled with so many awesome cards for Mother’s Day. I love the simple cards that have something that you can keep on them. The one I chose has a heart on it. My daughter helped pick it with me as I read all the cards that caught her eye. She thought this was the prettiest because it had hearts and is purple. I loved the message and that it shows my mom how special she is to both me and my daughter. A gift to my mom would not be complete without the perfect card. Don’t forget to download Cartwheel so you can get the best deal on your Mother’s Day Cards and DIY ingredients.

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My daughter and I shopped for all the DIY Bath Bomb ingredients at Target. Once we got everything home, we covered the kitchen table and started mixing in a large bowl and molded the DIY Bath Bombs into round balls using a mold that I had from last year. I love that we get to talk math and mixing while we create this awesome smelling Mother’s Day gift.

Mother’s Day DIY Bath Bombs


1 cup baking soda
1/2 cup cream of tartar
1/2 cup corn starch
2 tablespoons Epsom salt
2 tablespoons coconut oil
5 teaspoons water
3 drops essential oil
Soap “food”coloring


Use a large bowl, add baking soda, cream of tartar, corn starch and epson salt.

Bath Bomb DIY Tutorial (9 of 9)

Add in the coconut oil into the dry ingredients and mix well, until the mixture becomes sandy with an oil feel.
Mix together the remainder of the wet ingredients (soap dye, essential oil, and water) separately from the dry ingredients.

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One teaspoon at a time, begin to add water to the dry ingredients, stirring it in immediately with a large spoon.

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Continue to add the liquid until your mixture resembles damp sand. It should still be partially dry, but when you squeeze a handful together it could form a ball.
To give your bath bomb a dynamic look, add droplets of blue dye and purple dye so that the color concentrates.

 Bath Bomb DIY Tutorial (4 of 9)

If you are using food coloring instead of soap coloring, put on gloves to avoid color transfer.
When the mixture is the color you want, take a small amount and press it firmly into each side of the mold.
Allow to dry for 24 hours or more. Gently remove from the molds and place on a flat surface for another 4 hours. Then store in an airtight container until ready to use.

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  1. Where do you get the mold? Can you use food coloring? What do you wrap them in? How long are they good for? When you make sugar scrub how long are they good for in a sealed jar?


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