Homemade Sugar Body Scrub Recipe

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One of my favorite things to make with my daughter is this homemade sugar body scrub. It is a fun way to talk about measurements and make gifts for our family and friends. It is such a fun quick project that you will wonder why you every bought body scrub in the store. With most store-bought body scrubs, you will find some unpronounceable ingredients. But, when you make the body scrubs at home they are good enough to eat.

Choosing Homemade Body Scrub Ingredients

My daughter’s favorite choice of essential oils to use have mild smells like Grapefruit Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil, and Citrus Blend. If you are making homemade sugar body scrubs on your own, you can use more powerful essential oils like pepper oil for aches and pains. If you want a relaxing body scrub, lavender is a perfect choice.

Grapefruit Essential Oil Benefits

You can use grapefruit oil to help get your body extra clean because it kills bacteria. I learned about the benefits when I discovered Waterwipes that has grapefruit extract as it’s the main ingredient for cleaning babies bums. The Waterwipes are the bomb! Grapefruit essential oil is also said to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. When you apply grapefruit oil topically, it is supposed to help with a healthy metabolism and decrease sugar cravings.

Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

Like grapefruit essential oil, orange essential oil kills bacteria and helps cleanse your body when it is included in a body scrub. Orange oil also helps with your mood. It is a natural mood booster.

Lavender Essential Oil Benefits

You can use lavender to help you relax in the bath or shower. Using it before bedtime can help you sleep better at night.  The other lavender essential oil uses include improving your complexion by bringing moisturizing it and help prevent wrinkles.

Peppermint Essential Oil Benefits

Using peppermint oil can help with all kinds of internal ailments like an upset stomach or a headache. It also works topically as a pain reliever for sore muscles. Peppermint oil is my favorite essential oil because I use it to rub my sore body and also in my favorite low sweet treat – Vegan Peppermint Ice Cream made with Coconut Milk.

Grapefruit Oil Body ScrubHomemade Sugar Body Scrub Ingredients

How to Make Body Scrub

Start with a bowl of 1 cup of sugar. Then, mix in the 1/4 cup of fractionated coconut oil, 8 drops of essential oil, and 2 drops of Soap Coloring or food coloring.

How to Use Your Sugar Scrub

  • Scoop a small amount of the Sugar Scrub in your hands with a spoon.
  • Scrub all over your body. Focus on the rough parts and anywhere that has blemishes.
  • Allow the body scrub to sit on your on your skin from 3 to 10 minutes.
  • Take this time to enjoy and relax.
  • Rinse well and pat dry with a towel.

Homemade Grapefruit Body Scrub

Turn Body Scrub into a Gift

To turn this amazing body scrub into a gift, all you need are some cute mason jars, a Cricut machine (I used the lemon in pink to make this grapefruit top out of vinyl) or printable stickers, twin or ribbon, and spoons. These cute flowers spoons are my favorite choice for affixing to the side of a body scrub. They are just perfect way to spruce up an already awesome gift and they are a decent price too!


Mother's Day Body Scrub Gift Flower SpoonsCricut Printable - Grapefruit

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