Uplifting Lemon Body Scrub

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This is the most uplifting body scrub out there!! You will fall in love with the fresh scent of lemon body scrub. It makes an awesome gift to yourself or to others. 

Lemon Body Scrub

Lemon Body Scrub

Maintaining healthy skin can be as simple or as laborious as you make it. The most important thing to remember is to treat your skin with kindness. Only use simple ingredients.

This lemon body scrub is one of the easiest beauty recipes I’ve ever made. It only has 3 ingredients. But every single ingredient has a specific task.

The best thing about this lemon sugar scrub is how your skin will feel afterwards! It is so gentle on sensitive skin. It removes the dead skin while killing bacteria at the same time. If you love lemons this is the body scrub for you. 

This this body scrub is made with lemon essential oil. It is said that lemon oil can help reduce stress and anxiety. This comes as no surprise since anytime I smell lemon I feel uplifted.

If you’re feeling stressed, you can benefit from a shower and a nice body scrub with this lemon sugar scrub. It will wake you up and help you feel less anxious and stressed.

It is important to test your sensitivity to lemon oil before using this body scrub as lemon oil can make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

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Lemon Sugar Scrub Recipe

This lemon sugar scrub only has 3 ingredients:

  • Lemon Essential Oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Sugar

I used granulated sugar. Some people use brown sugar. Either one will work just as well as the other, it all depends on which one you prefer.

DIY Gift Ideas

Sure you can keep this all to yourself. But it also makes a super easy – and totally gorgeous – DIY gift idea. Here are just a few of the best times/occassions for giving it as a gift:

  • Teacher Gift
  • Hostess Gift
  • Christmas Gift
  • Birthday gift
  • Part of a home spa gift basket
  • Pamper gift to a new mom
  • Bridal shower gift (relaxation before the big day)

I’m sure you can think of many more! Basically, if you know someone that could use some relaxation or pampering, this make a very thoughtful gift.

You can also purchase the ingredients and give print this gift tag with the recipe so that the gift recipient can make it themselves.

When you give it as a DIY gift, presentation is key. Decorate the jar with ribbon. Personalize the jar with their name. Add a few trinkets to the gift – like a wooden spoon, a washcloth or loofa, and a fluffy towel.

Lemon Body Scrub DIY Tutorial_

How to Make Lemon Sugar Scrub

Here is the lemon scrub recipe. Don’t forget to pin this post so you can find it later. There is so much wonderful information here.

Lemon Body Scrub Ingredients

  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 15-20 drops lemon essential oil

Sugar Scrub

Climate will change the recipe because coconut oil is solid below 76 degree F. If you use coconut oil that is solid at room temperature in your home, add 1 tsp of filtered or bottle water to the mixture. However, if you use fractionated coconut oil, you will not need any water. 

Coconut Oil

As you can see from the package, coconut oil is solid at 76 degrees. If you live in a warm climate or keep your home at 76 degrees or warmer, you will not need the water either. If this is a gift, you might want to add the water just in case. 

How to Make Uplifting Lemon Body Scrub? 

Sift Sugar to remove lumps

Blend together the coconut oil and sugar in a bowl. 

blend together sugar and coconut oil Coconut Oil blend together sugar and coconut oil

Once the sugar and coconut oil are combined, add the drops of lemon essential oil and mix again.

Add lemon oil

Add a few drops of purple soap coloring if you want to make the scrub yellow. 

Spoon the scrub into air-tight mason jars.

Mason Jars DIY label

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  1. Hey there! Thank you for this recipe. The recipe is very straightforward and easy to follow. But I want to ask a question my skin is. Very weird my original color tone is medium-light but my knees my hip and tummy area is dark my hands my legs my chest tone is medium-light. So I want to ask that is this body scrub gives me the solution? And my age is 20+ I will wait for ur reply I searched a lot for my problem but didn’t get a good I want that home remedy which works for me.

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