Frozen 2 Family Night Out

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This weekend I went to see Frozen 2 with my family and friends. It was was epic Frozen 2 Family Night Out hosted by Disney! Check out all the details of the family night out so you can recreate it for yourself. Also, don’t miss some fun facts about the Frozen 2 movie. 

Frozen 2 Family Night Out 


Frozen 2 Hair 

Did you know that Frozen 2 is the first feature to utilize new proprietary software— a hair solver simulator called Beast. It helped the Frozen 2 filmmakers achieve art-directed curls for Anna, Kristoff’s wind-blown locks, and a new style for Elsa. I noticed the new hair movement right away when seeing Frozen 2. It just looks so much more real that in the previous film. 

Disney’s animated hair game is on point so the first thing that came to mind when doing a Frozen 2 Family Night Out was getting our hair braided like Anna and Elsa. 

My daughter and her friends, along with the moms all got our hair braided. We went to the salon, but you can also create your own Anna and Elsa inspired hair at home. We found a local blow out place that braids hair for only $10 per braid. Check out your local blow out bars and see if they will do the same for you. 

Frozen 2 Costumes 

We dressed up for our Frozen 2 Family Night Out in Frozen costumes while the moms Disney Bounded. The new costumes in Frozen 2 are epic. All the girls wanted to be Elsa! It was pretty hilarious!

You can get Frozen 2 costumes from the Disney Store, JCPenney (Princess Anna and Queen Elsa), and Target. The one my daughter is wearing is from Target as is the new Princess Elsa costume. It is great quality, but the best costumes always come from the Disney Store. Check out the Disney Store Frozen 2 costumes here (Princess Anna and Queen Elsa). 

Frozen 2 Costumes

I am blown away by the costume design in the new film. In my mind, Frozen has the best dressed cast in Disney history. They definitely have the most wardrobe changes of any Disney Princesses I have ever seen. The original Frozen movies was the highest-grossing animated film of all time in worldwide box office and it won an Academy Award® for best animated feature film of the year. With that kind of accolades, the girls got a awesome clothing budget. 🙂 

Frozen 2 Forest 

The Frozen 2 enchanted forest is breath taking. FUN FACT – The artists behind the creation of the enchanted forest were inspired by the artist Eyvind Earle, who was a celebrated part of Disney Animation in the 1950s and behind the ethereal backgrounds and color choices in “Sleeping Beauty.”

I noticed this immediately upon seeing the Frozen 2 printables based on the way the trees were drawn. I saw Eyvind Earle’s art at the Disney Family Museum in San Fransisco. The filmmakers were particularly inspired by Earle’s grouping of trees and his verticals. 

Mommy and Me frozen

The enchanted forest animation and design also adorns some of the amazing Frozen 2 merchandise. The Frozen 2 FujiFilm Instax Camera and this cute backpack from Barnes & Noble

Frozen 2 – Family Movie Night 

With our Frozen 2 costumes, Anna and Elsa braids, and accessories we were ready to go see the new Frozen 2 movie. We saw it our local theater in reclining chairs with our family and friends. I was so nice being able to share this epic moment together with my favorite moms and my daughter’s best friends.

Download Frozen 2 Printables 

For dinner after the Frozen 2 Family Night Out, I downloaded and printed these Frozen 2 printables! 

Get them Coloring sheets here and the activity sheets here





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