4 Interesting Decor Ideas for your Home

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Are you bored with your home’s décor? Reinvigorating your home with unique ideas is easy with a little guidance. Shopping at the store tends to lead the amateur decorator to dress their rooms in overused, uninspired styles. Decorating comes in a multitude of flavors, from painting the walls to strategically placing a quirky object somewhere within a room. Your house is your sanctuary, so you want it to show your personal style. The following décor ideas are a great starting point for anyone looking to embark on a home makeover. 

Bold Colors


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What color are the walls of your home? Tan? White? Perhaps an adventurous shade of bone? Adding a bold color to the wall of a room immediately remixes the entire feel of a room. A serene blue can create a feeling of calm or newness. A dark crimson or red can foster a more sultry mood that welcomes warmth. Experimenting with uncommon wall colors like purple or turquoise has the potential to kickstart home decorum ideas one would never conceive without dynamically altering the flavor of a room with a new color.

New Lighting

Changing the way you illuminate a room can drastically affect the mood of a room nearly as potently as the color of the walls. The brighter the room, the more sterile it feels. Shooting for the brightest LED bulbs possible doesn’t always make a room look good. Mood lighting depends on muted lighting that provides light without removing the ambience. One effective way to create ambience while juggling colors and not spending a lot is Christmas lights. Christmas Lights Etc. has countless lighting variations to help change your home’s look.

54bfd8f5c3f0c_-_6-adler-0509-xlg-53243303-d4su7s-85272544Making the Threshold Special

Doors are just as important as anything else when decorating a room. The door sets the mood as a person enters a room. Utilizing this expectation strategically is one way to help create a cohesive look in a room. One interesting method for creating a fun door is to paint a two-tone door. Using a hard stripe at a sharp, diagonal angle allows a door to have two different colors, both reflecting the primary colors used in the room. It’s a modern yet crafty design idea that is becoming very popular.

blue door diyDefining a Space with an Object

Incorporating a unique piece of furniture in a room is another way to creat a more interesting room. Large, amorphous or otherwise interesting looking furniture and decorations give a room spirit and panache. Try to place something unique in one of the corners of the room so it doesn’t distract from the purpose of the room but facilitates the overall design aesthetic. Thrift stores are virtual gold mines for finding interesting decorations at a low price. Local arts markets are another great place to find unique decorations you won’t find in anyone else’s home.

stately-chair_galIt doesn’t take much to reinvigorate a space with new decorating ideas, but it does need you to get up and actually do something. The hardest part of decorating a home is getting started. These four ideas for decorating your home are a great place to start.

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4 thoughts on “4 Interesting Decor Ideas for your Home”

  1. Lighting can definitely make a huge difference in the feel of a room. We just got a new lightbulb and it feels like a whole new room!

  2. Ha, I’m really bored with our room decor, esp. those rooms we tend to live in. Loving the geometric painted door. Visiting from DIY Collective.

  3. I have been pining for new lighting for a while, we have GOT to get rid of the brass basics our house came with. Thanks for the great tips at Merry Monday!


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