5 Most Interesting Repurposed Hooks

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Hooks are a wonderful way to add organization to your home. They fit in unconventional wall spaces and allow you to hang so many items in easy-to-reach places. Hooks don’t have to look conventional; unique hooks around your house double as accents and useful implements. Try repurposing some of your old household items into great new hooks.

Bent Silverware

Old silverware isn’t much fun to eat off of, but it makes a great DIY hook project. Bend your unusable or unfashionable silverware into U shapes by using a clamp and a pair of pliers. You can try heating the metal first to make it more pliable, as long as you’re careful and wear gloves. Some people may want to try drilling into the metal, but you can more easily glue your new hook shapes onto a board or straight onto the wall if you prefer. Hang things like your aprons, your ladles, and your oven mitts from these clever kitchen hooks.

silverware-DIY5Tree Branches

Go on a hunt through nature for a few short, sturdy tree branches. Take them home and sand them down a little before giving them a coat of paint or varnish. Then, a few nails or some brackets will hold them in place on the wall for a unique set of natural hooks. Put anything from aprons and flip flops to the keys you’re always losing on your new branch hooks.


From cheap wire hangers to expensive wooden ones, repurposed hangers make great hooks. Hang wooden hangers upside down on the wall with the metal hook facing outward for a clever way to hang towels or coats. You can arrange the hangers side-by-side or try varying the heights for a more eclectic look. If the hangers are broken, even better. You aren’t repurposing good hangers for the project, but using ones you’d have to throw out instead.

15-rakeDoor Knobs


Image via Flickr by Grow By Love

Antique door knobs and antique knob plates make creative hooks for towels, scarves, and coats. Try looking through antique stores if you want the real thing, or just use modern door knobs that have an interesting or antique look. Hang one side of the knob and the plate on the wall where you want your hooks to be. Use at least three to make a set, though they certainly don’t have to match!

Iron Rakes

The bottom part of an iron rake, with its spaced out curving teeth, makes a clever key hook or necklace holder. Before you hang an old iron rake in your house, file the points of the teeth so they aren’t sharp, and treat the iron for any flaking rust. After that, it makes a rustic addition to your interior decor and a handy place to hang many things.

Create new hooks around your house with things you already have stashed away and may not have much use for any longer. These DIY projects are simple, fun ways to add organization to your space and to repurpose things you were going to throw away.

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  1. This caught my eye because I have the old rake and I have done the silverware hooks, which I love. It is so much fun to repurpose items into hooks. You have some good ideas here. Pinned

  2. These are some truly unique ideas that can add loads of interior appeal to a place. I wouldn’t have thought to use these ideas.

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