4 Ways to Wear Polo and Sweater Combo

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4 Ways to Wear Polo and Sweater ComboA new preppy combination to try is wearing a sweater over a white polo rather than wearing a white button down. Karalee looks adorable with this sweater and polo combination that can be worn in almost any situation in her life. These outfits came from the day that I went through Karalee’s closet finding 40 new outfit combinations without purchasing anything.


4 Ways to Wear Polo and Sweater Combo

Which outfit is your fave?


April Golightly


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3 thoughts on “4 Ways to Wear Polo and Sweater Combo”

  1. Man, I need you to do that with my closet!  It seems like, although my clothes all “match,” nothing goes together in practical terms – skinny jeans need longer pants (to cover up the butt), and the shirts that go are all too short,  the wrong things require tucking in, etc.  How do I manage to buy coordinating clothes that still never coordinate?! lol


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