5 Must Have Skirts

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It is extremely important to purchase skirts that fit well. There are 5 types of skirts to consider when making your skirt purchasing decision.

5 Must Have Skirts Maxi, Full, A-line, Mini and Pencil

5 Must Have Skirts

1. The Maxi Skirt: The maxi skirt is flattering on all body types and works in the summer and fall. In the summer, pair it with a lightweight tank and hat for a trip to the beach. In the fall, layer a sweater and jacket with a belt to cinch the waist. For day, the maxi skirt should hit above the shoe and for night, you can go full length. This is Rachael Zoe’s favorite skirt length.

maxi skirt

2. The Full Skirt: This skirt is inspired by the 1950s and makes it easy to balance a heavy bottom. Since I have some serious booty, this is one of my favorite looks.


3. The A-Line Skirt: A-line skirts are universally flattering and a must have for every woman. It is a very versatile skirt that can be worn to work or to a semi-formal events like brunch, showers, or church services. The key to picking the right a-line skirt is choosing the the proper length taking in to consideration height, body type, age, and lifestyle.


4. The Mini Skirt: Mini skirts look great on petite women and women that have legs for days. If you want to accentuate your legs, go for a mini and if you want you are petite and want to appear taller, grab a mini. Skater skirts are a modified mini that allows more women to wear minis. If you are going to wear a mini skirt, I would balance it with a more conservative top.

mini skirt

5. The Pencil Skirt: The pencil skirt is body-skimming that can easily go from work to a night out with a change of your top. It can be a bit formal for weekend. Opt for a dark twill fabric or a solid black in a medium weight to avoid the fabric from creasing or clinging. A high waist pencil skirt can be paired with a short top, an asymmetrical top, or with a tucked in shirt. Complete an office look with a belted cardigan, and evening look with a flouncy.


Which skirt is your favorite of the 5 must have skirts?

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