6 Reasons We’re Loving Plastic Furniture

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6 Reasons We’re Loving Plastic Furniture

While plastic might have been one of the more underutilized materials in furniture design for the past few decades, the material has come back in full force, with a wave of designers catching on to the unique opportunities that the material presents in furniture construction. Easy to mold, chic, and a touch whimsical, plastic furniture is taking over the design world, and we couldn’t be happier to watch it happen. Check out six of the reasons why we’re crazy for plastic below!


It’s Easy to Move

For those who loathe moving, nothing’s more straightforward than a one-piece plastic molded chair. Sure, nothing ties a room together quite like an antique oak dining table, but have fun moving it. Any quality-made plastic furnishings such as pieces made from Kartell furniture like these on Lumens are designed using a single mold, free of any additional parts or seams. You shouldn’t buy your furniture for the sole purpose of an easier moving day, but you’ll be more than thrilled when that day comes.

It’s Stylish

Incorporating a few plastic furnishings into your home is a surefire way to add a more contemporary feel to your home. While we do support a fair amount of plastic furniture pieces, it’s good to maintain a balance of materials for a reasonably diverse and eclectic feel. Pairing a few strategic pieces with an otherwise consistent, natural design will really give the room a vibrant pop it didn’t have before.

It’s Durable

Plastic furniture is easy to clean. Since the plastic used to make most furniture is non-porous, food, liquid and body moisture can’t absorb into the material. A chair made with plastic will outlast wicker or less dense types of wood without the need for regular treatment. And as we mentioned before, most plastic furniture comes in one piece without seams, increasing its durability and longevity.

It’s Affordable

If you’re having a hard time deciding between a plush leather sofa and a plastic one, you probably have an idea of which one is more affordable. Plastic, while much more expensive to manufacture than people realize, the technology used to manufacture plastic furniture enables higher volume output, transferring high value deals and savings to consumers. Once a mold is made, plastic pieces can be created at an unparalleled rate when compared handmade or traditionally manufactured furniture.

It’s Less Harmful Than You Think

When plastics enter the conversation, some of us are reminded of stories of its potentially hazardous effects on the environment. But quality plastic furniture is manufactured from recycled materials or at the least, less harmful polymers. When coupled with modern manufacturing processes, today’s furniture makers are doing their part to ensure a responsible line of production that takes environmental conservation into consideration.

It’s Versatile

Plastic modern home office furniture has adaptable manufacturing process, can be produced in any shape, size or color imaginable. It can go inside or outside your home with weather resistent options, or mesh with a room of eclectic furniture while still complimenting the room’s overall décor. So while you may be limited in color or stains when looking at wooden end tables, you can easily find a baby blue or sage plastic piece to introduce a little contemporary variety into your living room.

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